10 most epic combo systems in gaming


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10 most epic combo systems in gaming. Pulling off amazing moves in a game, is a very satisfying feeling on its own. But being able to chain these moves together feels even better. Especially when games reward you for doing combos that multiply your score and do more damage. Many games use combo systems but some really turn this stuff into an art form.

This video is sponsored by SoulWorker, an anime inspired MMORPG that has a strong focus on combos. You get to play as one of the four classes, and work together with friends in PVE or PVP content. Your weapons are an extension of the personality of the characters… our favorite is Stella Unibell, who uses a demonic guitar in battle. Make your personalized combos and take the fight to your enemies in over 100 different dungeons. SoulWorker is available for free on Steam, so make sure you check it out!

Now let’s take a look at ten games that offer the most epic combo systems out there!


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  1. I think they just forgot to mention Dad of war man you guys are in for a surprise how complicated its combat system can be

  2. i have all of these except killer instinct, because of having no xbox one, 🙁 is the player base still there but i do want to play that game regardless though 😀 we need to play more early on fighting games and action games, you know, the less modern ones, most of them are great, devil may cry and Alter Echo for example, oh, you have never heard of alter echo huh? its interesting and if it where made by a more famous company then it would have sequels today, regardless of it pre-dateing devil may cry its worth a purchase.

  3. arkham is a mediocre beat'em up series. The combat is practically automatic and you just Jab – stop – counter everything. It's awful. If you like the stories, great – the simplistic mind numbing combat is fine for just mashing through something for fun. But I can't stand seeing it praised as revolutionary or even good in terms of mechanics. It's not.

  4. Metal gear rising is the best combo game and my favorite move is the foot sword attack you swing your leg with a blade like alot and weakens your enemies and is really useful

  5. I’ve just come up with the ultimate crossover game: marvel vs capcom vs DC vs mortal kombat vs tekken vs street fighter

  6. Some constructive criticism. If you're going to separately put Devil May Cry and it's wannabe clone Bayonetta, add them as one entry. Because it was rather frustrating when you added Dynasty Warriors but not its wannabe clone Samurai Warriors or Warriors Orochi among others. (Frustrating because my personal favorite "Warriors" game is Samurai) lol

    The following sentences are not directed at intelligent people, only the idiots.
    I'm not saying Bayonetta, Samurai Warriors, or Warriors Orochi are bad games. In fact they are very good games that I enjoy quite a bit.


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