2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!


The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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  1. Doctors like accessing their patients records via native applications on the tablets. The screen is large enough for them to see the records clearly, and its mobile so they can easily navigate their way through the clinic. They like to use the camera on the iPad to take images of the problem area (especially in dermatology) and then store it in the patients record for future reference.. Now that telehealth solutions are popping up overnight due to the COVID-19 virus, having the iPad sport a better camera is not only good for the doctor but also for the patient.

  2. Questions: Any comment on the "rumoured" 2020 Ipad PRO again in the Fall with a14x SoC and MiniLED display. Would like this information before making a purchase, thanks!

  3. Asking for HELP: I bought the iPad Pro (12.9 inch, 512GB, WiFi & cellular) less than 2 months ago from the apple store. Not a single person at the store warned me a new one would be coming out (mind you I’m not as into tech as I should be, so I didn’t even think to look up anything of that sort) and to wait. Should I try to sell mine since its basically brand new and get this one? Or does it really not make that big a difference? I looked online at trading it in and it says the trade in value for mine is LESS THAN 300 dollars which is insane to me considering I just purchased it for $2,000.

  4. When you shot this Video it shows that Tokyo Olympics might be postponed. And you are posting this video just on the day Tokyo Olympics actually gets postponed. Coincidence?

  5. Whatever the product is before reviewing it i have been using the product for about a week is became the official line of mkbhd 🤣🤣

  6. so, am I the only guy noticed that the demo for Youtube is from the car reviewer, so what the quirks and features type of collaboration between Mr MKBHD and Mr Doug ?

  7. I gonna have to disagree with you on the iPads camera. I think Apple should improve it seeing as adults/parents at church, weddings, community events and even their child’s recital, like to pull out a iPad just to record. Sure you could use your phone but there alway that one aunt who wants to get it on their iPad


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