2020 MacBook Air Impressions: A Clean Refresh!


The new MacBook Air! What a time to be alive… and releasing new products.

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  1. Very clever from Apple – using a time when loooads of people are at home using their personal computers to make quiet product releases. Anyone watching this is basically evidencing how smart their sales strategy is.

  2. Dude… That shot at 1:50. The colors… The sweatshirt matches the paint on the window frame. And the sky oh my god. Aesthetics on another level. Bravo

  3. My first impressions? An under-powerer, over-priced piece of garbage just like everything they've made in the last eight years

  4. Please do a comparison video of the new macbook air with i5 processor and base spec 13 inch macbook pro. That would be really helpful.


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