2020 MacBook Air UNBOXING and SETUP!


Unboxing and setup of the new 2020 MacBook Air. There are several internal updates but the aesthetic remains identical to the previous generation.

The new MacBook Air comes in at a lower price point of $1000, updates to the scissor switch keyboard and gets the 10th gen Intel chipsets.

Would you take this or an iPad Pro?

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2020 MacBook Air Unboxing

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy my unboxing of the new 2020 MacBook Air – Here's my spec recommendation for all of you: Base line (Pay the $100 if you can afford the quad core i5, 16GB RAM, 256 HD). Content dropping on the new iPad Pro and Mac mini shortly. Let me know what you want to see covered!

  2. I don't just get it..every Youtuber who has reviewed this MacBook air is saying that the MacBook air is only for lightweight stuff like web browsing, emails,etc…..Do you guys really think that people will buy a $1000 dollar Laptop which price increases significantly when it is shipped to other parts of the world only to write Emails!!?? can emails and web browsing be also done in a $200-$300 dollar laptops!!!

  3. for someone who always has lots of tabs open for school, youtube and occasionally uses photoshop, do you think 16gb ram or i5 processor is more important

  4. How's the virtual machine performance on it? A 2018 MacBook Pro 13 8gb base model has been very generous in performance to my surprise in running either Windows or Linux in VirtualBox. My only concern is the cooling, which if it's like the last Gen Air I don't like the semi-passive cooling design compared to the Pro.

  5. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro as well as the 2019 MacBook Air which is the computer I used to take on the road and DJ with and I’ve never had a problem with performance don’t care about storage because I carry an external drive with me anyway

  6. Tech noob here! What's the difference of this Air's keyboard with the ones that the Early 2015 13" Air's have? (My laptop's model is A1466 hehe i'm also confused about the naming since they don't seem to change it with every release)


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