Apple iPad Pro 2020: HOT or BORING?!


On Pocketnow Daily, we have more deals an Amazon so you can shop during quarantine. HMD just scheduled an event for tomorrow where we are expecting a 5G phone. The iOS 14 code just leaked a new camera feature for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max. Sony just had their Road To PS5 Event where they revealed the specs for the PS5. Finally, Apple just gave us a very needed refresh to the iPad Pros and the MacBook Air.

All this and more after the break.

0:35 – Today’s Deals:
– iMac

– Samsung Chromebook 4

– iPad Pro (2018)

– Logitech Slim Folio Pro

– Bose Home Speaker 300

1:07 – HMD Global’s March 19 event: Everything we know about the upcoming Nokia phones

1:51 – Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition spotted on Geekbench

2:31 – iOS 14 code reveals a new feature for the iPhone 12 Pro

3:20 – Official specs of the next Sony PS5 have finally been revealed

4:16 – Apple’s MacBook Air refresh arrives with Magic keyboard and 10th Gen Intel processors

– Apple’s new iPad Pro has a LiDAR sensor, dual cameras, and A12Z Bionic chip

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  1. Mr. Rivera. Thank you for keeping things normal when the world is freaking out. I know i can count on you and pocketnow team to keep my tech fix going. 😅 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  2. MacBook Air is a totally different form factor to iPad. MacBook Air doesn’t have a touchscreen. iPad and keyboard gives the best of both worlds although expensive. Also pencil can’t be used on MacBook Air. I have two MacBooks and two iPads. I never use the MacBooks. I think that as iPad OS gets better it will eventually make MacBooks obsolete.

  3. Nowadays i use my tech till it doesnt work anymore. By then, i will appreciate more the upgraded techs that i used and actually feel the difference of upgrading l.

  4. You were expecting more from an Apple product? That's your first mistake. But you are not alone. There are many, Many, MANY, idiots out there and as long as they keep buying then Apple will continue introducing bullshit products at premium prices.

  5. The Ipad Pro your right its not much different but the keyboard for that price no thank you. I like that the Macbook AIr has the new keyboard. That I will get.

  6. Yes true!
    MacBook Air is cheaper in that case. Will get it and yes it says they may launch 3rd gen iPad Pro this fall. Will take a look at that time..

  7. Well obviously Apple wasn’t going to drastically redesign the iPad Pro. The design pretty much was great and didn’t need a overhaul. I thought the screen would be different and I expected the camera change.
    I didn’t expect much else. The keyboard was a surprise. Waaaaaaayyyyy to expensive… that keyboard better not feel like the Smart Keyboard for that price

  8. It’s funny I also found myself comparing the new MacBook Air to the iPad Pro 12.9”. Much to my surprise, the iPad Pro is looking like the absurdly more powerful, capable and valuable machine. Benchmark scores have the A12X Bionic in the current iPad Pro, more than 4 times as powerful as the New 10th gen i5 equipped Air. Then you have to acknowledge the 800lb gorilla in the room. The App Store! Even the greatest apps on the App Store, are way more affordable than their laptop / desktop counterparts. They’re also more user friendly. Allowing more people to leverage more power, and gain more value from the iPad. Software is a HUGE component, and we should recognize the value that the App Store brings.

  9. Boring! Not needed right now with all that's going on. Overpriced ipad with small NOT needed upgrades, people would be better off with the last versions at a lower price.

  10. I skipped on the iPad 2018 so I can either buy the new iPad 2020 or wait for the 5G model which will most likely appear 4th quarter

  11. I am disappointed 😔 it’s just like a remake not a new IPad Pro. Especially disappointing is the Chip. 2018 IPad Pro has A12X and the 2020 Model has A12Z. That’s not a big difference. And who takes with an IPad photos these days!? To put it in a nutshell: it’s the same (besides the camera). I guess I have to wait another 2 years for the next IPad Pro

  12. Spero che i seguenti giochi nella Nintendo Switch in 4K
    Rayman trilogia
    Rayman mach
    Rayman English
    Donkey Kong tropical
    Donkey Kong country

    Tom e jerry
    Crash bandicoot
    Super Mario 64 per tutti i giochi della Disney è il mio desiderio

  13. I would only biy that magic keyboard if it was around $99, no way I'm paying $300 for that crap. And Apple wonders why their numbers are down.

  14. I'm very happy with my XPS 13 2 in 1. At the same price, better keyboard, trackpad, expandable storage, TB3, Windows 10, and so on: it's a proper laptop I can rely on for productivity work.

  15. Various scientific studies have found that all the f*** devices contain more germs than toilet seats. And are often held up to eyes, noses and lips – key points for the coronavirus to enter the body


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