Apple’s new iPad Pro: could it be the computer I’ve been waiting for?


Discussing the new AR features, the crazy new keyboard case with trackpad, and what we know so far

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  1. Apple updated their iPad Pro line and introduced a new keyboard and trackpad stand accessory. Are they bridging the gap between laptop and tablet?

  2. Buy the New 2020 IPad Pro…the 2018 iPad Pro has an ancient Processor…The A12x can Only handle Watching Movies, Maybe Email, and Very Casual Internet Browsing. Maybe casual 1080p video editing but that’s it. The A12x in the 2018 IPad Pro is Ancient and out of Date don’t buy it…it should be retired and discontinued.

  3. They just need to fix the file system on the iPad then it could be a true computer. The future is all about Apps. There is software on ios that is better then Mac and PC.

  4. Let's get one thing straight from the off… This product is for the privileged, if you are considering one? You are the privileged. You have no right in complaining about the climate, or virtue signalling about the refugees etc. YOU are spending nearly $2000 dollar on a tablet with a 12-18 month lifespan. Get a grip!!

  5. I’m old school ! I’m going for the MacBook Air
    It seems an okay deal now with the 256 SSD in the base model .

  6. Apple is getting desperate cause they know their cash cow is the iPhone for now. Their not innovating anymore just updating old stuff

  7. Apple should allow the installation of PC apps to make it feel more practical as a pc substitute. I mean Microsoft pc apps(word, excell, etc) and Final cut pro(desktop version

  8. You are right. If you are concerned it costs premium laptop money. Buy a nice laptop. It just keep using the perfectly decent one you are currently using.

  9. No it's not the computer anyone should get. You can get a windows 2-in-1 or Chromebook for so much less. The iPad including this one is the worse value. There is no reason to get any of the new or old Apple products. Most people have figured this out which is why Apple has such a small market share in everything.


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