Apple's new iPad Pro is coming for your laptop


Apple announced updates to a number of its products, including a new speedier Macbook Air, and most exciting, a refresh of it’s iPad Pro line that will launch with a proper keyboard with an intriguing looking stand, and a new LIDAR sensor to enable more augmented reality features.

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  1. Guess what
    Covid19 is going crazy to take all your loved ones
    Smarthones and gadgets social média are the bigest SCAM of the history Ditch this garbage dirty crooks
    By the way find a rôle model kids

  2. Why should I apologize for buying the last edition of the iPad Pro? Apple – and the industry as a whole – are the ones to feel shame for putting unnecessary products down our throats. We are all living in a pace that cannot even be measured. Everything is born old already; planned obsolescence is a departament in our product`s line…

  3. 0:32 was a screenshot from the MacBook Air landing page, the new iPad Pro is not and didn’t claim to be 2x faster

  4. How big companies are marketing just another high end tablet with bluetooth keyboard and magnetic piece that attaches to your new iPad that makes it "float". Wow. Another gimmick.

  5. Google docs DESPERATELY needs a new iPad update, it’s so limited compared to the desktop version and doesn’t even allow the tap shortcuts added in iPadOS

  6. These tech reviewers have no even the slightest idea how the Lidar sensor is a game changer ….absolutely no idea….some professionals are gonna make shit ton of money using this

  7. I knew you all would find a way to post videos and I am glad. I am more glad for your continued posts then this release.
    Thank you Mr. Velasco.

  8. If Apple could bring XCode to iOS then I think it could likely replace my laptop cause really, I use iPad most of the time except for programming which I use my MacBook but if iPad pros can support Xcode that would be awesome.

  9. It’s still just an iPad no matter how fancy Apple makes the iPad Pro. It’s just a really nice fancy tablet, NOT a computer. When Apple makes the MacAir Tab Pro then tell us that Apple is coming for our computers. These tech shows have been telling us since Apple slapped a keyboard on the first generation iPad Pro they were coming for our computers. B.S. it’s a fancy over priced tablet that’s it. A keyboard doesn’t make it a computer.

  10. Moving the front facing camera to the landscape orientation would make it useful for video conferencing. Right now, it is almost useless.

  11. The problem is still not having desktop applications on the iPad Pro, but I see Apple is moving towards that. Once that happens I’ll upgrade my iPad 6th gen

  12. Same structural design as the 2018 IPad Pro. Guess apple didn’t watch JerryRigEverything’s video on how the 2018 IPad Pro bends like cardboard. I will stick with my 2017 IPad Pro. Until they fix the weak ass design.

  13. What’s holding me back is apps that aren’t available on the App Store (that might mean pro apps for some; not for me at this time), and it comes down to the #1 problem I have with Apple; with apps, it’s their way or get out. I’d rather get a Mac because I know I can download basically anything and be able to use it. That’s what’s stopping the iPad Pro from replacing my laptop.

  14. Cause of the global crisis and poor stock market conditions… We will face massive financial problems and recession post the coronavirus… I doubt we going to see any sales on any new products

  15. The 2018 hardware was already quite capable. Until iPadOS is further improved and more enterprise apps are released it is not really viable as a "Pro" device
    (key hints: external usb drives need to be formatted as HFS+ and the devices need more ram)

    • Files app is buggy, large file transfers (> 1GB) over SMB to a computer or NAS fail at random

    • Filebrowser app works but there seems to be some overhead and the transfer speed is much slower.

    • After much trial and error/troubleshooting I figured out the issue with external storage.

    o File transfers only work reliably by formatting external drives as HFS+ (this requires 3rd party software if you use windows)

    o File transfers via usb drive formatted as FAT, exFat fail at random.

    • Native iOS multitasking memory management not up to par, some apps will reload to initial state instead of last working state.

    • No multitasking mouse support between iOS and UDP apps – the mouse is unable to phase between working within UDP and iOS on the same screen.

    • File downloads via Safari to network or USB are unreliable and will stop part way through without completing the entire file

  16. Why are you overhyping the new iPad pro like there's a huge difference compared to the previous version. No one even uses a camera on an iPad and a12x is a just a slight bumb in performance. The magic keyboard is where it's at and deserves to take the shine lol

  17. 1:10 ?? why not just get images and even videos of the real thing from Apple's site?
    and was hoping the "can it replace your laptop" angle was over and done with.
    why can't people just review this thing as a tablet computer (a separate and well established category, form factor)?
    you are probable going to talk about the MacBook Air soon and will definitely not talk about it replacing anyone's iMac, Mac Pro.

  18. We need architecture apps to work with LIDAR to quickly scan a site and make a 3D site map, or interior measure up.

  19. Stop being so happy about it. I love Ipads but it’s dumb that they were not able to release it with a newer processor. Call it 12 Z or whatever but it can't be as fast as a 13 bionic. Why Apple keeps recycling crap?


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