BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION


BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION

One piece chapter 976 is out!!


Check out Revujo’s Art!!!


ALSO, the almost official looking color spread at the end of the video was made by Meno!!! It’s amazing!! Show him love ^^

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  1. Hey joyboy i think shank's probably has toki future fruit that's is why he can travel more faster and already warn white beard about ace and world government about Blackbeard maybe he can see future and also travel with his crew members !

  2. Mannnn I cant wait till the day a new Opening comes and it has the WHOLE squad 😭 and dont even get me started on the next movie whenever that even happens 😭🤣

  3. Jinbei wasn't in wano in the beginning because he couldn't. The people of wano were ignorant to fishmen and other non-humans. It would've been difficult to have jinbei in the story the way that it was. I think it's a cop out but that's what makes sense to me.

  4. Didn't appreciate all the jabs u were taking at Sanji and Sanji fans in this vid. Made it quite irritating to watch tbf and didn't finish the vid as a result. It wasn't only Sanji fans that speculated Jinbe's death, a lot of the community did, and rightly so imo as there were indeed signs there. Plus it's not only Sanji fans that dislike the fact that Jinbe joined the crew, I've seen some other fan bases complain about it to and don't think we are the majority either. Jinbe replacing Sanji in the M3 is a narrative that has been pushed by Sanji haters for a long time now, same shit happened when it was obvious Franky was gonna be joining the crew so that notion that Sanji fans want Jinbe dead is rubbish and a falsehood fabricated by the fandom as a result of that narrative. I'm a Sanji fan and I think Jinbe is cuul character and an awesome addition to the crew but I did speculate that Jinbe could've died on WCI as it was a real possibility imo. So does that make me a Jinbe hater? ^^"

  5. Jimbe is the one going to break the news to his crew that Sabo has been apprehended by the Marines. In the current state of affairs bare in mind that they don't know yet. He is the only outsider

  6. When I say jimbe I thought he is ghost then I thought he has some fatal wound and gonna die and then he is a homie with the same kuma programming in him lol

  7. I think some people do not want Jinbei because is personality is quite 'bland', he's not humorous. But for me, that's what actually makes him special. The crew badly needs someone who is so experienced and knowledgeable about One Piece world dynamics. Always gives sound advice and diplomatic.

  8. as a sanji fan i dont A" feel insecure about the knight of the sea, i see him living hes about as sacrificial Alot of crewmates are hes a greT Add and the monster trio will always be the monster trio

  9. My theory about Jinbe getting out of Bigmama is that He used the attack he used in 976 and disabling the attack of bigmom, thus making a hassle among bigmom pirates. They flee through seas

  10. Sanji, Zoro and maybe even Usopp will be stronger than Jinbei but for the time being I think he's either the second or third strongest

  11. The story build up is really hyping fans/readers up! Soon, the battlefield will be in chaos! Especially with CP-0 being in Wano, Drake being the double agent for the marines, What happened to Sabo & Vivi, Marines & Blackbeard on their way to Wano! Can't wait for all of these oh my…

  12. I believe that Carrot being shown alongside the Straw hats several times signifies her joining the crew, and I also believe that Momo will join and even after Momo there will be a last member

  13. A TOAST TO THE NEWEST COMRADE!! About freaking time. The crew has their wise old uncle now. He's the uncle Iroh of the Straw Hats!!


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