Coronavirus delays Russian vote on Putin staying in power – BBC News


Russian President Vladimir Putin has postponed a vote on constitutional change that would allow him to stay in power, because of coronavirus concerns.

He said the public vote – previously due to be held on 22 April – would be delayed until a “later date”.

The proposed changes include scrapping a ban on allowing Mr Putin to run for office again.

The changes have already been approved by parliament and Russia’s constitutional court.

They would give Mr Putin – who is serving his fourth presidential term and has dominated Russian politics for two decades – the right to serve two more consecutive terms.

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  1. That's a very important information at the moment for Western World (no). Why don't you say anything about Russian help to Italy, you capitalist pigs?

  2. Putin will step down isn't he? He made a speech during the summer or spring, where he said that he will be stepping down in 2020 or 2021 (can't remember) accordingly to the russian constitution. Am I wrong?

  3. Let them say what they want about putin, at least he doesn't allow his people to lose their country, allow their kids to be abused by primitives.
    UK establishment are too busy being c0rrupt, hiding everything, censoring everyone.
    Letting 1 million innocent indigenous children over 40+ yrs become victims IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND.

  4. Putin iznasilovanie – gandonov – eto norma. Nasilnika uprachut v Amerike. A v Rossii nasiluyut kazduyu 2 zenshinu

  5. These dictator is using his Soviet technique and ofcourse blind communist people to be president for good russians are so blinde and brainwashed by these dude unbelievable

  6. One week a paid holiday OH BOY! I mean it's not like he looking for vote. He is the declared and only winner.and only candidate…sort of like the US Election in November… Donald Trump and Sleepy Joe and we know who will win that one.


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