Coronavirus: Will Malaysia’s lockdown be extended? | The Straits Times


Malaysia will decide next week whether its two-week restricted movement order (RMO) to contain the coronavirus outbreak needs to be extended beyond the end of the month. Malaysia Bureau Chief Shannon Teoh has more.

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  1. What if a Malaysian citizen wants to return to Malaysia but all flights are canceled …. is there a way for us to return to Malaysia?

  2. Semasa Malaysia LOCKDOWN UK Masih adakan Commenwell Gathering, Spain adakan SMufs Gathering sementara US telah arahkan cuti dan lockdown tetapi diabaikan oleh teenangers dengan memanfaatkan cuti dari kerajaan dengan mengunjungi pantai-pantai. KIni mereka dijangkiti dengan teruk dan kuatkuasakan LOckdown dengan serius. MALAYSIA tidak seharusnya turut terpengaruh dengan mereka, kita patut tangani berdasarkan situasi ditempat kita. LOCKDOWN sepatutnya dihentikan.

  3. Most of them just talk, talk, talk…prepare for 2 to 4 years….all do not know what will happen then……people who knows Say Nothing…..

  4. Most of them just talk, talk, talk…prepare for 2 to 4 years….all do not know what will happen then……people who knows Say Nothing…..

  5. Hubei infection will be 10 worst than Wuhan…in May…China strategy….to bring people into Hubei and Hunan….very scary!

  6. Ignorance some malaysian…..very poor awareness …about C oV iT – 19…. 2 weeks for malaysian mentality """ balik kampung""" holiday """ need to extendance to another 21 days…..ensure all understood ..what is happening…atound the world…..

  7. Need to find final solution,if this county can fight against the corona within this month , well i think we can just go back to normal for next month..
    If really need time, give time to ourselves…, and yet we still afraid..
    Don't ruin the efforts that we've done before.. Love You Malaysia, love you All..

  8. Malaysia still not taken seriously on convid19. This may take months or years. Print more money to Malaysian peoples on hard life now..

  9. China smart. All along never fix the problem. Just use news propaganda to cheat the population and the world. Now when they “reopen” if any new case they can just blame external. Easy sia.

  10. 14days not enough for sure 100% let's take wuhan as an example they flatten the pikes for exhausting over 2month. Do literally 14days won't enough to take the numbers down. I'm thinking about by the end of April or early may? Or worsen on june?

  11. Most people don't see the whole picture where this crisis is leading to.This is a perfect Virus to install a new world order. People will become more nationalistic, far-right, anti globalism, isolalism😊😊😊

  12. If we don't want extend plz stay at home and no movement a lot and which is not feeling well kindly plz go hospital for check ok

  13. I don’t wan any extended lockdown anymore!!!
    I wanna go to SCHOOLLL!!!!!
    Important exam coming up!!!!
    Assignments not yet complete!!!!
    Syllabus to catch up!!!

    Gosh pls People… Be A Good Citizens please
    Please cooperate with the government.

    #StayAtHome #PreventCovid-19

  14. Malaysia govmt have their plan for all people..such as financial inst provided morotorium and etc..
    Let fokus on people healty first…
    Think positive….

  15. Australia is looking at 6 month lockdown…New Zealand lockdown for 1 if Malaysia decide to extend the RMO for another 2 weeks it would not be strange and seems the right thing to do.

  16. Yes, lock down at least 1-3 months. The confirm case still rising and the 2 weeks lock down will be extended for sure.

  17. No way to Malaysia, as only to whom not working such as students n others whom having free money……" WHO " IS NOT FINDING THE ROOT CAUSES OF COVID19. Tq

  18. Take the stash of millions of ringitt from Najib loot and go with a Universal Basic Income UBI and distribute it to ALL MALAYSIANS!

  19. restricted any pub vehicle after 7pm, anybody want to go oit only for helth reason must call ambulance, police or use grab or teksi or bus, goverment shall give free bus service after 7 pm

  20. If rent/mortgage/loan/bills payment can be frozen (no need to pay) during the movement control or lockdown, then people only need to worry about food. That maybe could be sustained through donation/zakat especially from richer people or those who have more savings, and when people stop asking government for everything, and stay at home. Banks and landlords should have more mercy. When no need to pay rent/bill/etc anymore, food and materials price should be lowered too.


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