DEFINITELY Buy the NEW 2020 iPad Pro – Here's Why!


Apple has JUST released the 2020 iPad Pro in both 11″ and 12.9″ sizes. Here’s everything you need to know including why YOU should buy it instead of the 2018 model!
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Apple has just released the 2020 iPad Pro, and we’re getting ours in just a few days! It packs a new A12Z processor with 8-core graphics and a new thermal cooling design.

It also packs a dual-camera system with a 10MP Ultrawide and a 12MP main camera. It features the same 120hz ProMotion Liquid Retina Display.

It also comes with a brand new LiDAR scanner which greatly improves depth and object tracking for augmented reality.

It’s loaded with the latest specs and now, with iPadOS 13.4 coming out soon and bringing us full cursor and mouse support, Apple is also releasing the brand new Magic keyboard case.

This case features backlighting, pass-through charging and a new hinge design that allows your iPad Pro to float! It features a built-in trackpad and new scissor switch keys!

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  1. Update: All 2020 iPad Pro models get 6GB of RAM.
    Do YOU think you are going to be buying the new 2020 iPad Pro instead of the 2018 model? Explain your decision in the comments!
    2020 iPad Pro on Amazon➡ and at B&H ➡
    2020 12.9" iPad Pro on Amazon➡
    DISCOUNTED 2018 iPad Pro on Amazon➡
    Old Smart Keyboard Folio ➡

  2. There is no reason to upgrade from the 2018 iPad Pro. Also the iPad is not floating in the magic keyboard case if it were the case nothing would touching the iPad.

  3. Only reason the 2018 model is still $800 is because the 2020 model isn’t on sale yet. It’s for preorder, but not shipping yet. Once it is released, it will have about a $150-100 price drop.

  4. That price has changed idk if it’s because I live in Canada or not but the 11’ starts from 1049$ and the 12.9’ starts from 1299$

  5. Please, explain to me why I should not only buy the 1000$CAD iPad Pro 2020 but as well as it’s 450$CAD KEYBOARD. For that price it better come with a built in hand massager and a lifetime warranty. Fuck me. I speak for the broke.

  6. As a digital artist I'm glad I held back on buying one of these . It all comes down to this now. I was happy to hear external storage.
    I might get the low,low spec. Or Mess around And get 512gb. Can't wait for the review.

  7. It was really cool, last week I ordered the 2018 64 gb and saw the new announcement and was super sad I missed out. Apple ended up emailing saying they upgraded me for free! Double the storage and more ram yay!

  8. I don't get the hype? It's the same if not worse specs then my Samsung s10+ but about a year late. Compared to small laptops you can buy with touch screens… well there is no comparison. I would rather spend my money a surface 7 pro from a few years back with better specs and imo better software then buy an iPad pro.

  9. The build quality and structural rigidity is the only thing that really lets this product down big time – it could be classified as foldable.

  10. No cpu performance increase. GPU gets only a minor bump. This is a meh refresh. You will be able to get the prior models cheap.

    The “magic” in the keyboard is how it makes your money disappear.

    The “big changes” are software and the keyboard and you can get them using the old model.

  11. Hell naw, this is exactly what I was waiting for so I can get the 2018 model much cheaper! Who cares about the camera, I just saved hundreds of pounds 😃 I’m happy the 2020 model doesn’t have big upgrades lol

  12. Help me please ! Thanks and love you ! Should i buy macbook air 2020 i5 or ipad pro 2020 ? My job is edit gentle video , and do some typing for study ! Love you and have a nice days 😜

  13. What if I already have a tab s6? Is it really worth it? I've had mouse support for awhile now, battery lasts a long time, the processing capability is beyond the small word docs/ equation spread sheets I do. Plus the screen is an oled with 1440p instead of 1080. (I'm not the best with understanding screen quality, so I don't mind if you or someone else is critical of my analysis. I'm genuinely interested to know if it's worth the upgrade. Im software agnostic)


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