Details On Amber Heard's Domestic Abuse Arrest Revealed


Details On Amber Heard’s Domestic Abuse Arrest Revealed
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As many of you might know by now, Amber Heard has a reported history of domestic violence. Including a time when she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her ex wife Tasya Van Ree at Seattle Tacoma International Airport in 2009. Now the details of the incident are finally getting attention in the media and I’m going to fill you in on what happened, right now on IO.

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  1. how the hell she has managed to get away with it so far with proof showing that she's the abuser? Johny was destroyed without evidence and he lost his role in Pirates. Amber is still in Aquaman 2 with evidence of being an abuser and a liar. and they say we have patriarchy and it's tough to be a woman. it must be really tough to be an abuser with evidence and get away with it because you're a woman.

  2. Bro she better get sued a lot of money, get put in jail for a long time and most importantly, lose all job oppurtunities and streamed her actions majorly.

  3. That statement from Tasya was released from A Amber Rep AKA Amber herself so we are not even sure it was a letter written from Tasya but there is a good possibility it came straight from Amber herself and Tasya allowed it by not publicly refuting it

  4. Poor Johnny Depp, he loves her but she abuses him to this point of his life… Amber, you cnt run away from fate. Karma is real

  5. OH MY GAWD!!! i'm sick of getting amber heard shit in my recs. she's a 'WESTERN FEMALE.' which means, she's incapable of being viewed as anything OTHER THAN A VICTIM if 'her victim' is male. she will suffer NOTHING of consequence. pseudo-feminism WILL NOT ALLOW IT. give it a rest.

  6. Depp was already assmed to be a wife beater by the police when he was together with Kate Moss. And Amber was never convicted of DV

  7. Why when she fill up report there is no visum from doctor ???? .. why police or whom ever receipt her report not take her to hospital, to check in detail her condition ??? So weird

  8. hilarious! one has a long list of supportive and all the kind words from ex-girlfriends, the other has a history of acting violent and abusive. And they chose to believe her in the first place without gathering all the pieces of evidence.

    #No Offense Meant Jason.
    #Bec of Amber Turd # ROTTEN BEING # NOSHAME

  10. 2 mistakes on this video.. the picture you put and the fact that the police officers witnessed it. Please fact check

  11. Regarding Tasya, weren’t the police already there witnessing the abuse? And didn’t Tasya ask them to arrest her?

  12. One of the pics.. not Sherlyn Finn, Winona, amber, a girl, who looks to be a fan, on the top right corner… we’ll just said she looks to be a fan, is not a precious partner…

    One long term relationship he had was with Vanessa Paradis…. 14 years.. 2 children…

  13. I've never hated a woman more in my life
    She's a literal example of the reason why people don't come forward with this! Out of fear of being called a liar because of LIARS LIKE AMBER

  14. She is a type of woman, every men would pray God not to end up with any point of their life… 🙂

    Poor Jhony! I seriously felt for him, and hope she end up behind bars, where she actually belongs.

  15. I suspect there is also a lot of jealousy/revenge going on against her. Not saying I'm on her side, but it's always easier to hate a beautiful young woman who seems to get all the powerful men at her feet and side a man like Depp….but trust me Depp had a bad reputation back in the days, had huge fights with his gfs including with Kate Moss. It's funny how everyone has amnesia now, how convenient.

  16. To not only abuse someone and intentionally try to ruin their life, but to FAKE abuse to yourself and seek the victimhood you denied Johnny…..that's deplorable.

  17. That girl is nuts!! Johnny bought her the cutest little horse which she kept at a facility where I keep my guys. She never came to see the sweet little girl. Hopefully someone bought her and loves her.


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