Don't Learn These 5 Languages in 2020 if You're a Beginner


Don’t Learn These 5 Languages in 2020. There are several critical coding languages you can learn in the coming year. However, some languages are dying or are already dead programming languages.

If you are new to coding, you probably wondering the best programming languages to learn. It’s as essential to know what not to learn. All coding languages have some value, but not all are going to move you forward as quickly as times change, and the languages that are in-demand in the industry are a moving target.

Don’t Learn These 5 Languages

Ok, so you want to learn to code. But there’s like a dozen languages you could learn first. Truthfully, many of them would be a good place to start. However, there are a few languages you should avoid. Today: Five Programming languages you should avoid in 2020.

As you start learning to code there are loads of people on Youtube like me giving you advice. Some say to start with Java, others recommend Python. A few recommend C# as the place to start. Well, I don’t want to be one of those people. Instead, I want to tell you exactly what languages to avoid in 2020. Let’s start with #5…

#5 Avoid learning C or C++. C and C++ are great languages, and they are the basis of the languages we frequently use today. However, they are old. When I say old, I mean “from the 70’s” old. Age alone isn’t a good reason to avoid learning a language, but, C and C++ haven’t used much anymore in software development. These languages predate the web, require that you manage the memory used by your apps yourself. While there are some C and C++ jobs out there working on older systems, these are not the languages I’d build my career around.

#4 Avoid learning Java. This is the one that will make people want to throw things at me. Java is taught in loads of college computer science courses and is an excellent enterprise language. In fact, it is one of the languages I learned in college. And Java is still frequently used today. In fact, it’s the language used to create Android applications. But, here’s the thing: Java is complex, heavy, and just not a great place to start your coding career. Get some experience under your belt– Then come back to Java. But for right now, as someone learning to code, it’s one of the languages I’d avoid.

#3 Avoid learning Objective C. Objective C is a more contemporary version of the C programming language. A decade ago it was all the rage and everyone was learning to code in objective C. And now… No one. According to Google Trends searches for Objective C peaked in the summer of 2012 and are not only about 20% of what they were. So what happened? Initially, Apple picked Objective C as the language of iOS development. All the initial iOS apps were coded in Objective C. And then, Apple introduced people to Swift, a much easier to grasp and less verbose language. That was all she wrote for Objective C. It’s dead and gone and not something you should be learning in 2020.

#2 Avoid learning Ruby. A few years ago the Ruby language and Ruby on rails framework were all the rage. It seemed everyone was learning Ruby and using Ruby on Rails. And then, they weren’t. It seems Ruby was the victim of the success and growth of JavaScript. As more people used popular JavaScript libraries like ReactJS and Angular, they left Ruby behind. Ruby’s dead. Gone. Deceased. Gone to the great galactic bit bucket in the sky. Wish Ruby Au Revoir and spend your time learning something else.

#1 Avoid learning R. This is going to make some data scientists grumble. ‘R’ is a great language for taking deep dives into data. However, so is Python. And that’s what the industry seems to have chosen. While R is used in some academic environments, it was designed for statisticians. Unlike Python, it has a steep learning curve. On the other hand, Python is a great beginner’s language and one that people can pick up quickly. Plus Python can be used outside of data analysis. R was very popular for a while, but now, people are choosing Python for their data work.

There you go– 5 languages to avoid in 2020. I’m Mark Lassoff with Framework. If you liked this video, do me a favor and hit the like button. We’re constantly coming out with new content for people entering the world of development and digital design. Subscribe and hit the little bell so you don’t miss out. Thanks for watching!

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  1. dont learn C, C++ and Java??? what??? The only reasons those languages could be currently considered useless is the fact that we have the processing power to use less efficient programming languages. But that will change(or at least should) pretty soon.

  2. I completely agree with the whole list, great recommendations for a beginner.
    Lots of haters lol, just because there are jobs in C, C++, or Java doesn't mean they're the best languages for the future of a new programmer.
    Java isn't even good for Android applications anymore. Now Kotlin & cross-platforms are.

  3. This top is actually on point. People in the comments are just either newbies in programming or not willing to accept the truth about their language

  4. R is the best language for analysis and ML. Its miles ahead of even Python. Everybody who learns Python comes back to R whenever they need advanced methods. These videos are created by programmers who just want to code and not try to read a basic statistics book for data analysis.

    I don't agree on


    Your list is garbage

  5. C and C++ could not be the trending programming languages now, but when you learn them it gives you a great set of tools to comprehend deeper what happens at a lower level. This will give you a good base to learn almost any other new programming languages. And I can go a little more extreme by saying that when I really understood programming and got a pretty good base was when I learned assembler, I don't use it any more but it helped me get the full picture.

  6. Hmmm I think you probably correct with R, Objective C and Ruby but C, C++ and Java is Big No No No, right now I'm expert in Javascript, Python, Django but still the salary being offered is not as high in Java or C++ or Scala. These programming language still many hiring position jobs from what I see in the Job Hunters and still giving much better salary compensations.

  7. As someone who's been programming since 2003, this sounds like something coming from a guy who just got into programming and has very little experience. Here's my take, given my experience and what I've learned.
    – C and C++: C is still the standard for low level systems development, and C++ for games development. Unreal Engine 5 is on the horizon and 4 has boomed in popularity, giving us Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Fortnite, and other highly esteemed games. Unreal Engine uses C++ alongside Blueprint, and with the new, more lenient licensing policy, it gives Unity a run for its money. Many in-house game engines also use it. Yes, the language is 50 years old almost, but it is still being updated to this day. There are at least 2 revisions coming in the future with massive improvements, one of which is later this year. Plus, C and C++ gives you discipline on memory management, as opposed to other modern languages.
    – C# is very much a must learn if you are going to pick up Unity. It, too, is still being updated. Microsoft just last week announced C# version 9.
    – Rust is a difficult language. Even I struggle with it. However, its design has people migrating from other languages who are saying the equivalent code has 90% less bugs. It has new revisions every 6 weeks and I think it's best to learn it now if you want reliable code that does not glitch up.
    – JavaScript has skyrocketed in popularity and is even being used to make desktop applications now with the Electron toolkit. Many popular apps such as Discord, Unity Hub, Skype, etc use JavaScript.
    – Python 3 is a widely used scripting language, seeing use in Blender, Maya, GIMP, Krita, and other popular applications. It is a fantastic language to learn to make extensions with.
    – Lua has seen love as a scripting language in various games and game engines. World of Warcraft addons utilise it, and Unreal Engine has a scripting plugin that uses it, too
    – Objective-C: While Swift has largely usurped Objective-C, it is still the way to go if you want to work with AudioUnit, as last I heard, Swift doesn't quite handle it as well as Objective-C. Though, there are toolkits like JUCE that handle the Objective-C boilerplate code for you and you can otherwise use C++.
    – Swift: If you plan to have a code base that is Apple centric, this is a no brainer
    – Java: Android apps require Java, even if your app is written in another language. Although, some toolkits like Unreal, Unity, and if you're retro, Free Pascal, will automatically generate the "glue" for it. Minecraft modding would be the second reason to learn this. Otherwise, I advise against it because of the legal stranglehold Oracle has on it.
    – Python 2 is deprecated and support is dwindling for it. If you need to script an older app, sure go for it, but in 2020, pretty much everything that uses Python scripting uses version 3.

  8. i'd like to be pointed – if this word exists – in the right direction of a good and complete free course of java teaching how to develop android apps.
    i'd like to create an MVP functionality as an app where i can set borders in a map and when a person A enters the limits of a person B, C, D and so on, their phones receive an alert saying A is on their area.
    i already know that this means i need two apps one for A and one for B, C, D. can you help me?
    links, tips, keywords are more than welcome!
    thank you in advance!

  9. I decide to learn C for One year and C++ for One year! I am studying C language right now, I have one year left for C++.
    I don't Stop it, Insha Allah.

  10. There is a good chance C++ is the language of the machines that runs your language, whatever it is. The reason you don't find as many jobs in C/C++ is because most mass produced machines are built in China and programmed there.

    It is simply too hard for a company to compete with Chinese labor for machines that have low profit margins, adding the cost of paying a dev from a first world country ain't gonna help cut down the cost.

  11. Nonsense what is your familiarity with C++ ? Who will write operating systems, high frequency trading apps and mobile games?

  12. Please see the codebase for Tensorflow or any other machine learning library . Had it been all left to Python then God only knows when we would have solved even a single Machine learning probelm ..

  13. Objective c is NOT dead you need to understand HOW swift works under the hood. And swift/objectiveC interoperability is the MAIN thing right now probably for the next 5+ years.

  14. Why are you kvetsching so hard over the #5? This video is for people who've literally not programmed at all, he isn't saying you shouldn't use or learn it never, he means don't learn at the beginning

  15. "C and C++ aren't used much anymore in software development"
    lol no C and C++ are still extremely popular, and this can be proven with a simple google search. pls do some basic research the next time you decide to mislead your audience, so that you don't look quite as bad.

  16. According to TIOBE index C is the most widely used programming language of 2019. But I should say I agree partially with this video because there are not many entry-level jobs for C, C++, and java in the industry anymore. So if someone is trying to learn those languages in 2020, he may have a hard time finding an entry-level job.

  17. Bruh saying java and c++ is ded, Have u frikin ever seen Bandai Namco? ITS FRIKIN BIG AND ITS NOT DED SO GET UR FACTS RIGHT

  18. "Don't learn C or C++" – C is literally the easiest structured programming language to learn for a beginner and according to Tiobe index, both of them combined are THE MOST popular languages in the world. You must be on some good shit bro.

  19. I think when making videos about programming need to differentiate between web development and software development, game development etc. It would avoid the pointless arguments.

  20. It is just not true, its always up to your needs. For example if you want to go into the gaming industry C++ is the way to go and learn. Same counts for Industry 4.0 and all the embedded kind of stuff. Python is really easy to learn and probably the one to start with but compared to C++ it is heavy slow. So C++ is performing the code over a hundred times faster. Furthermore with C++ you can develop code for any Operating System which is just awesome. In my mind you should start learn Python to develop some prototypes because it is easy and fast but you should also learn C++ and compare these both languages even if you are a beginner. Personally i started with C++ because there is no better way in learning programming than coding some funny games. And if you go advanced you can start using your knowledge for some raspberry pi stuff or andruino, which is cheap and easy to get for everybody. Python is more focussed to data stuff for example if you want to go for AI but its not really what you plan to do as a beginner. So i highly recommend do not avoid learning C++ yes its probably old but its the mother of all programming. If you are new to coding it shouldnt be a problem i mean developers before you also started with C++ but it may be easier in understanding if you learn python first and C++ second.


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