Everything New on the 2020 MacBook Air!


The updated 2020 MacBook Air is full of new features and capabilities including a revamped keyboard, more powerful graphics, support for the Apple Pro Display XDR, and much more!

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  1. Deals on 2020 MacBook Airs ➡️ https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/03/18/apples-2020-macbook-air-and-new-ipad-pro-are-up-to-105-off-instantly

    Lowest MacBook Air prices ➡️ https://prices.appleinsider.com/macbook-air-2020

  2. Video editing, audio editing, photo editing student looking to buy a first mac should I get this new air or wait for the pro i only have a really old ipad air and would only use this for media stuff as i have a pc that needs repairing for game play help

  3. So is 256gb of storage enough? I’m looking to get a new laptop and want to transition to a MacBook Air. Upgrading to the i5 would sum up the cost to 999 for me (using the education discount). I just want to know if 256gb is enough storage on a MacBook.

  4. What would you recommend for fcpx, Photoshop and adobe illustrator for a graphics student?
    The 2020 air looks powerful enough but i can wait for 14 inch?

  5. Is there a noticable difference between i5 quad core vs i7 quad core ? Is worth the extra 200$ for the cpu? But the 16 ram, is worth upgrading from 8?

  6. As a student, would the base level suffice for me? Could you make a video on choosing between dual core and quad core

  7. 800 extra for 2tb?ouch u can buy a new laptop just for the extra 800…..kidneys 2 lungs 2 well i can get thru with one of em lol

  8. Various scientific studies have found that all the f*** devices contain more germs than toilet seats. And are often held up to eyes, noses and lips – key points for the coronavirus to enter the body.

  9. I do app dev and my 2017 13" MacBook Pro (base model) is very limiting. My apps take up to 10 minutes to compile sometimes. When you are doing basic programming its good. And for any large scale projects, a MacBook Air/Base 13" MacBook Pro just won't cut it. People tend to think you need to be working with deep learning to require more power, this is just not the case in my experience.

  10. So we're seeing the macbook air lowest storage option go double (128->256) aswell as the ipad pro (64->128) without a price increase, I'm genuinly surprised. Fingers crossed they'll do the same for the iPhone 12.

  11. Definitely getting this new tech beauty! Will be upgrading from my Rosegold MacBook 12 inch Retina Display to the Gold 512 gig! Cannot wait to use my education discount! Come to mama! 😍❤️👍🏾👏🏾💃🏾💻🌈

  12. Would u guys think that I would be able to start beat producing on this MacBook Air or not? Because I am really look for a cheap MacBook brand new from Apple

  13. Please do a video about revised comparison between new i5 MacBook Air 2020 vs surface laptop 3 i5 8gb model. Now it will be a very interesting battle!

  14. Just a heads up, and I called Apple to confirm this, but Apple is not accepting 2019 Macbook Air's for Trade-Ins. My 2019 Air is underwhelming and the quad core and entry level storage is appealing to me to upgrade ASAP.

  15. I’m a medicine student and I was thinking to buy it. Can someone tell me which one to take (the i3 or i5)? I’m not a heavy user I use only browser some apps for notes and some anatomy apps

  16. Question:: would it make more sense to buy a macbook pro from apple refurbished than to buy the 2020 macbook air? I want to get more bang for my dollars..


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