New spec details for PS5 and Xbox Series X, free games during the shut-in period, another Splinter Cell surprise, Control DLC, and more in a week full of gaming news!
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PS5/Xbox specs revealed

Our PS5 breakdown:
Our Xbox Series X breakdown:
Austin Evans Xbox special look:

Devs explain PS5 SSD advantage:

On the xbox side:

Spiderman sequel rumor (take it with a grain of salt)

New Ghost Recon splinter cell content:

New Overwatch character:

Control DLC

The Bioshock movie that never happened

GOG free games

Steam festival

GDC returns:



  1. It's the weekend! We're still here talking gaming news.
    Be careful out there! We know things might be changing every day for some of you, with many things dropping out, but we want you to know: we're still gonna be uploading videos every day so at the VERY LEAST you'll have that to come back to. It's the least we can do. Thanks as always for watching!

  2. I'm mostly PC guy (though I have most sony and nintendo consoles, just for exclusives), and PS5 SSD and architecture to limit the chokes is kinda insane. I hope that next gen Zen could provide the same perfomance, or I'll have to wait some time before upgrading, to match the console experience. Yep, that exciting, "matching the console experience" – not the phrase I thought I'd ever use.

  3. Did you guys hear about
    Microsoft Project acoustic where there is a dedicated sound chip inside
    the Xbox Series X for game audio like sony's?🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🚩🕺

  4. while I am a life long PS player, recently moved to PC for various reasons, but I am by no means looking for Sony to dominate.

    I don't give a damn who's winning, as long as everyone fights like hell.

  5. The Xbox Series X CAN use any external drive. But their drives are just made to get the best performance with the Xbox itself.

  6. My sister got animal crossing today and she loves it and I’m just here waiting for 3 minutes waiting for a game on Titanfall 2 PC. Titanfall 2 needs more attention.

  7. HONESTLY, why hadnt expandable memory been a thing last gen??? It feels like we're so behind the times, that we're only getting something as no-nonsense and simple as this NOW

  8. Let's be honest developers have been saying shit like this about the new consoles for years but they don't do any of the shit they're talking about for PC when this tech is already there. Soooooooooo whatever, we'll see… just don't expect them to bring those games to PS4/XONE


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