Glass Theory: James McAvoy's Split Character Was In Unbreakable All Along


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James McAvoy is one of the most talented blockbuster actors working today. Throw him into a movie with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, tied together with a storyline by M. Night Shyamalan and you have a recipe for success – as long as they bake this film just right. Well, we’re about to pull a Shyamalan and blow your mind. We guess you probably never thought that James McAvoy’s character from Split was in Unbreakable this whole time, but what if… HE WAS?? Join ScreenRant as we try to uncover a hidden theme lurking in the background of the shared universe of M. Night Shyamalan’s films.

Shyamalan loves to throw twists into all of his movies. Now we know some are more successful than others – just check out the box office receipts and reviews to prove it. But what if he’s been pulling a long con all this time, slowly deceiving us by purposefully waiting many years between the releases of Unbreakable, Split and Glass. If this was his plan all along, to have a macro twist hidden among a series of films – that we didn’t even know were meant to even be a series until they were released – then M. Night have proven himself to be a master of the long con.

As we look forward to the last installment of this unofficially titled “Eastrail 177” trilogy, let’s take a look back at the two films that set up the events of Glass and see if we can connect the dots between David Dunn, Elijah Price and Kevin Wendell Crumb.

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  1. I watched Glass again and there’s a Fourth super being. With the line for the Doctor “For everyone of you, there is another.”

  2. This story has a beginning and a end. Wtf is wrong with that? We are soooooo use to stories lasting years. When we are given a solid story we tend to complain. Shame on us, we need to remember that there is an end to EVERYTHING.

  3. We really want m night shymalan to create a superhero cinematic universe from this. The ratings are weird as audience loved the all 3 movies

  4. That was clever with by and mother i Unbreakable; I sure as hell didn't recall that. And I hopr a new universe is opened up after Glass.

  5. Ok first of all after watching this movie… I approve but could have had a slightly better ending. Now I don't believe this is the end, after seeing the ending sceneof the security video being leaked, we can expect a sequel. So I'll be patient enough and wait to see what M Knight has in-store for us!!!

  6. At the end of Split, was David having a Peter Parker/Uncle Ben moment. He might have remembered those multiple voices in the boy after being bumped by the woman. And thought to himself, "All of this could've been avoided if I looked into his situation." With great power comes great responsibility.


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