Golang vs Node JS compassion to know which One is Best for App Development


Golang and Node JS both are backend programming languages however, there is a potential difference between these two.
Golang vs Node JS

Go is an open source programming language which, makes it easy for developers to build reliable and efficient software wherein, Node.js is an open source, javaScript driven cross-platform. Node vs Go is a long gone debate.

Node and Go both the programming languages influence the performance of programming languages. Node helps in creating real-time server-side applications. Go language is more similar to the C and with limited structural typing, garbage collection, and memory safety features, it avoids a lot of features of other modern languages like type inheritance.

Golang is an open source, free, compiled, general-purpose programming language. It was created by Ken Thompson and Rob Pike to do their work at Google easier. Majorly when we talk about Node JS vs Golang, they both are related to javascript. Node JS has an event-driven asynchronous architecture. It was creatively written by Ryan Dahl in 2009.

Go vs Node Comparison

Golang is well developed and robust for its age.
Wherein Node.js, the APIs are under constant changes.
Node.js is purely a Javascript-driven language. It can be used on the backend and frontend in a simpler way as compared to Go.
Golang is the language for backend development only. Go developer must learn these rules, and concepts like channels, strict typing, coroutines, interfaces, pointers, and others.

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