Hands-on with the 2020 MacBook Air


A great laptop deal returns for $999, but the new keyboard is an even bigger win.

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  1. Great upgrades. I have a lot of writing/typing to do in the next 2 months. Much needed keyboard. Make it so much easier!

  2. Wow, so the big difference between the latest model and the previous model is that the latest model has the keyboard from the previous generation? And, we are supposed to be excited about this? Apple should have RECALLED the models released in 2016 and immediately revised the design, like any reasonable company would. Instead, they blatantly lied about how significant the problem was and stuck with the same basic design for YEARS. But the Butterfly Keyboard is not their only major engineering failure recently. It makes me wonder what major fault there is going to be in the latest machine. Hopefully nothing, but I guess it remains to be seen.

  3. So basically the keyboard is the only big difference? Seems sort of a waste to buy the new one if you have the 2019 tbh

  4. Is the base model with dual core that bad? I just want a laptop mostly for writing, reading, Evernote… browsing…

  5. No matter how good or bad the keyboards are if they cant properly use their 10 fingers to type then they are the problem not the product. Its pathetic to complain when u only use your pointer to type.

  6. Saw the new iPad Pro Trackpad gestures and we MacBook Air fans are upset,.. Apple better make Trackpad better for Macbook's too

  7. notice; not once in this hands-on did you ask if this laptop could replace your iMac, Mac Pro.
    now if only, you or Scott would do the same with the iPad Pro. Talk about the good, the bad what it can and cannot do… without the all annoying "can it replace your laptop"

  8. My sister wants a new laptop for college. She loves MacBooks but I was skeptic about the keyboard and storage. But now my main concern is the performance. She will be studying accountancy. Mainly Excel but some other programs. Do you think I should get the base i3 or the mid i5 version?

  9. Some of us don't live near an Apple store or Bestbuy etc. It would have been nice if you had actually typed on the keyboard for at least 5 seconds or so without talking, so that some of us who really care about that stuff might get an idea of how it "feels" just by the sound it makes. It's true.

  10. I want the MacBook 12” to return. I’ll keep on using mine for as long as I can.

    Yes, it’s underpowered. But it runs silently, with no fan. It’s such a nice creature comfort in a laptop, you can’t know how nice that is until you actually have one.

  11. Perfect 2020 MacBook air for me consist of the i5 with 8Gb of RAM and 256Gb of storage, will be ordering very soon. Great video, thanks. 👍🏻

  12. Thank you for such a great review! I'm torn between this and the 16 inch pro- But I think the pro is way more that I'll need- I just like the large screen!

  13. The only part of this I didn't like is when he talked about 8GB of RAM on Windows not being enough. 8GB definitely is.

  14. That was a detailed video, covering almost everything. Could you please shed some light on how good this 2020 macbook air is for high end photo editing and video editing ?

  15. They put the old keyboard back when their "new and improved" version sucked. And now they are making it look like an improvement calling it the magic keyboard style. Everybody who falls for Apple's PR are suckers. But as someone who owns Apple stock, I say keep buying their stuff. LOL!

  16. No more magsafe…the best thing they ever had on their laptops and they take it away….That's apple for you!
    They want you to trip in the cord and break your computer so you have to buy a new one, because for sure they will never fix it for free…..they would call it water damage!

  17. That butterfly keyboard was terrible. My top case was replaced 3 times because of it. They finally replaced my 15 in with a new 16 in model when I had an issue once more.


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