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Highlights | LASK 0-5 Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

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  1. Tny Clintx

    This game looks like a training match without fans. Too sad. Covid19 has really been harmful to the world in sports

  2. Eddie Ortega

    To all the true Manchester United supporters around the world. Stay positive and strong we'll get through this! 💪⚽️😈

  3. NoneOfYour Beeswax

    One minute and fifty five seconds of "highlights"? This is just a goals clip. Now I appreciate the club may be limited by rights issues in the Europa, but even PL games have very brief highlights, and often cannot be found at all when we lose. Compare and contrast with Watford, who put up a seventeen minute highlights video of them being beaten 3-0 by Man Utd! It puts the United offerings to shame. But I suspect that the club monetise the more complete videos, requiring subscribing online or to their TV channel. Still, they could do a lot better for their millions of fans worldwide in this respect.

    And kudos to Watford F.C.!

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