How to Clear the CMOS – Reset the BIOS & Why


Skip to 04:10 to bypass all the talking.

Clearing the CMOS on your motherboard will reset your BIOS settings to their factory defaults. After clearing the CMOS, you’ll need to access the BIOS setup utility and reconfigure your hardware settings.

You might need to clear the CMOS for several reasons but usually you’ll want to clear the CMOS to help troubleshoot or solve certain PC problems like hardware compatibility issues.

Sometimes you will have to remove the battery to fully clear the settings.

Many modern motherboards are starting to come with a power, reset, and clear cmos button built right into the board. Those are easy and you won’t require the steps I showed you here. Just press and hold one of those buttons down, with the machine off but plugged in.

You might need a standard PS2 keyboard instead of a USB keyboard temporarily. After resettingthe BIOS it is not set to use the USB during the boot up. You need the old style keyboard to plug into the purple port on the motherboard. After you get into the BIOS enable the USB ports.


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  1. This video has just brought a tear to my eye, thanks for the detail you put into this – my motherboard manual suggested holding a screwdriver to these pins and powering on – and it worked! After being stop start all day, updating bios, install software, installing drivers, reinstalling broken drivers, changing registry keys, reinstalling hardware. When the system randomly crashed (yet again) but this time the lights where on but no one was home I literally had enough. Maybe finally I can put this bad nightmare behind me and enjoy the system for what it is.

  2. Pls help i dod all that you told me i puted on jumper turned on pc and screen was black bit pc was working
    Then turned off power supply and after putting jumper back and turning pc on when i looked in my system information it says that is the same BIOS version it did not return to old one

  3. Thanks for the link in the description which jumps straight the point. Only high quality videos do stuff like that, so thanks.

  4. Awesome video on resetting the BIOS……….manually! Been looking for something like this for a while now. Something that explains it succinctly but with just the right amount of detail, plus it can be applied to just about any motherboard. Love ya work 😉 Thank you!

  5. Dude you saved my life. I was wondering why this old shit wont start but i put that blue thingy on and it came to life. Thanks dude

  6. replaced the motherboard on a HP Pavilion 23 All in one g010 and it booted up fine but with a double image on screen. By double I mean it shows the same image twice, one on top of the other. Please advice on how to fix this. TY

  7. 2014 HP Pavilion 500-123w. HP logo screen opens, but no boot up to Windows logo screen. Why, JP? Bought new Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 HDD. New CMOS battery. No capacitor leaks, splits or bubbles. On ESC, delete and F keys I only get Entering Setup… and Loading boot menu…Downloaded ISO / MediaCreationTool on separate USB drives. Bought USB to IDE SATA 2.5/3.5 HDD cable converter. The original hard drive works and is recognized on my Windows 10 PC and my hard drive from my 2009 Gateway works also. QUESTION? Do I need to install Windows 7 OS on the new Seagate drive and try to boot to the Windows logo screen with a USB drive? I have no installation disc/DVD disc to install Windows 7 OS on my HP Pavilion 500-123w desktop computer.

  8. Older video but I think this is exactly what I needed to be able to bring on old alienware x51 R1 back to life that I purchased second hand that I can't get past the first boot password. Fingers crossed, I'll hope back on when i do it to let you know if it did the trick.

  9. Very useful but did not help me.
    My computer still does not show anything on boot up. I am using a MSI G43TM-E51 motherboard. The user manual doesn't help either.

  10. I have the same problem but doing this didnt make anything, so i removed the processor and the ram and then put it again and it boot like a miracle, i think the motherboard is faulty so i plan to buy a new one in the near future after the quarantibe


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