How to Counter the 10 SUPER BROKEN CARRY HEROES – Best Drafting and Picking Tips – Dota 2 Guide


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  1. asks for 200k likes for another video, alot of video's dont even get 200k views.
    he just doesnt want to make another video i think….

  2. If you are a support you usually are bullied into picking first in ranked roles. So it's impossible to counter pick. What would be more useful is an 'item counters for supports against top 10 cores' because this is more possible.

  3. I'll remember this next time I first pick support… Or I could always use my mind reading powers!

    I don't have those powers

  4. I would like to see a video of "What counters what".
    And shows at least the bests 3 heroes that counters every hero.

  5. Unfortunately in my low mmr games supports are supposed to pick first or the entire team loses gold and teammates flame you for not picking sooner because cores want last pick. So this guide, like most of your guides just dont help much.

  6. 14:25 what a fuckin broken hero icefrog really nice balancing. 1v2 from 50hp to double kill with just 2 skills. And here I was thinking that carries should be weak early game. FUck this game

  7. I'm sad. I heard chen as a pick. Why didn't you say dazzle. Dazzle kites spark well and his heal hurts slark in shadow realm. Dazzle does alot of early damage with his q forcing carrys out of lane. With the dazzle ult change he scales decent.

  8. Speed, what are your top lane supports that could zone/shut down your enemy in the laning phase?

    Btw, these are the biggest 3 impacts of your videos on my games:
    1. i can now deal damage in laning as a support while taking zero to minimal damage back
    2. i am more likely to recognize situations where i need to soak damage/take aggro from enemy heroes to guarantee my core can stay in lane and farm while avoiding lethal damage myself.
    3. I always have so much fun to play pos4 or pos5 because i really feel like enabling my carry or offlane.

    all in large part due to your guide on positioning during laning. seriously mindblowing the first time i watched a vid from you, man. I reached Divine at 1 point.


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