How to Counter the 5 SUPER BROKEN CARRY HEROES – Best Drafting and Picking Tips – Dota 2 Guide


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  2. what we need actually is a counter for lone druid. basically stomps pub games at lower tiers and is a pretty godlike carry at higher ones

  3. pls do a video how to counter bloodseeker!
    i can't handle anymore with this broken hero being picked in EVERY game I play. Thks!

  4. How does viper have such a low win rate he is so strong late and mid game with high attack speed and range, so he can take towers

  5. Isn't bloodseeker considered a good and a classic counter to lycan? I'm 4.3k anyway, picked it safelane vs offlane lycan and despite losing it worked well

  6. Rod of Atos is the Necro counter. Necrophos is slow, and he's even slower when he uses Ghost Shroud. Generally a Necrophos will outlast his team. And this means he's usually the only one that escapes. A Rod of Atos takes care of this as he won't be able to escape, will waste his Shroud and die to right clicks.

    Gyrocopter is a good Necro counter, since you deal a lot of Magical Damage with your Barrage and your Ulti. Also you get BKB fairly early with Gyro and you also get rid of the rest of the team surrounding Necro during teamfights. This allows your team to pick him off after wiping the rest of the team.

  7. Considering mid matchups, i would say TA (which is always a solid mid hero regardless) can deal with MK. Sure the laning stage could be annoying, but you have your Shield to tank through Jingu Mastery, you are a Desolator picker + you also have a lot of Burst Negative Armor. And you just need 3 item to start killing enemies. Desolator, Blink and BKB. Personally the match could go both ways. But more often than not, the TA will out damage the MK even if he has Jingu Mastery.

  8. Unfortunately the counter against Lycan is to ban Lycan. The hero is too effective at what he does. He needs more than 1 counter and even items to get countered. There's a reason this hero has an insane win rate, is because he's a niche pick. You won't ever see him in a match where he will potentially get countered. And if he gets countered, he requires a huge team effort to put him under control. He can flashfarm, he can split push and he can even teamfight. Considering he generally goes Helm + Necro 3 The key is probably taking care of him before he gets a BKB. Because that is the point of no return.

  9. Slark and Venomancer are also good Bristle and DK counters. Slark because he takes away all his tankiness, and since DK is generally a frontline tank, he will sap a lot of Essence Shift from him. Also Slark can dispel his stun and is highly mobile. The same applies against Bristle, Slark's nowadays go Diffusal, so not only he will steal Stats he will also steal his mana. As for Veno, the hero has inbuilt negative HP bonus with Poison Sting and he can easily fit a Spirit Vessel in his kit. Also his Ulti last way more than what a BKB can last and he can make them slower with his Q and his Wards.

  10. Just play shadow demon. The 7 second purge and slow is very potent against these heroes. On top of that, a position 4 shadow demon with aghanim is pretty much a win condition.

  11. I think shadow demon is good counter against necro and for lycan mars is good it’s just my addition and opinion

  12. you know what I used silencer a lot and crusader enemy sometimes doesn't know how silencer Q works.. I remember a enemy Godlike streak. WR having aghs.. I did channel my Q on him and he keeps running all the time until I'm surprised ohh shes dead an decided to abandon lol.. 🤣

  13. i recently started playing dota and love ur vids but most of them assume already some basic knowlegde about the game are there any cool vids on ur channel that are more for begginers?

  14. I think you missed Storm Spirit vs Monkey King. All of his spells counter the MK, like the WR but in easier way.


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