How to Install Node.JS on Shared Hosting cPanel 2020


Let’s see How to Install Node.JS on Shared Hosting cPanel 2020 (Using PUTTY)
Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

cPanel Based Node JS Hosting:

VPS Server Options:

NodeJS Server Setup AtoZ Guide – Ubuntu with NPM, Security and MongoDB

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:
Tutorial 3:

Need to follow this to install node js & run nodejs on shared hosting cPanel

1. Create the application
2. Create the package.json
3. Install npm
4. Setup via command line

Log into your cPanel account and click setup node.js App

Do all these setting:

*Node.js version – select your preferred version from the drop-down list

*Application mode – chose Development or Production from the drop-down list. Development may be chosen initially and changed to production later.

*Application root – the file system location for application files. The entry will be appended to /home/username to form the complete path to the application files in the cPanel home directory.

*Application URL – the address of the application on the Internet.

*Application startup file – the initial file that will be processed when launching the application.

*passenger log file.

When the form is complete, click on create from the right top corner.

After the application is created, an information box is displayed explaining the package.json is required to continue. At this time the application will launch and display a test page. Click the Open button to see the test page.

How To Install Node JS And NPM On Hosting Account: 2019 Complete Guide :

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  1. This is a very confusing explanation, it assumes you are building a simple "hello world" node.js app and does address more advanced issues — how does the location of the "node app" folder affect the environment.

  2. Hello, i'm creating real time chat mobile application for this. setup has been done it is running locally, I want to ask you how to install nodemon in panel ?


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