Idris Elba Opens Up To Oprah About Testing Positive For COVID-19


Idris Elba and wife Sabrina Dhowre open up about being COVID-19 positive and self-isolating together on Oprah Winfrey’s new Apple TV+ series “Oprah Talks COVID-19”. The two give updates on how they are feeling and whether the actor inadvertently passed on the virus to others on the set of his Netflix movie.

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  1. Well wishes Idris from Holly street, Hackney East London, you’re one of our boys you remember how we lived on that housing estate. So anyone saying you are far removed from reality is foolish.. Sending 🙏🏼💕 to all of your family….

  2. Hope Tom Hanks, Weinstein… and the rest are doing well under lock-down. All the best. FFS. This is so obvious.

  3. Sabeina is selfish ….knowing she had the virus and spreading it to her husband??? she prob thinking if iam dying …h'es going down with me

  4. I believe his exact words were, that this was the Earth's response to humanity(psssst it's a man made biological weapon, but shhhhh) and that we humans are an infection….soooo, what does that make him then if he got infected?

  5. There are thousands of people who have tested positive for the virus who are busy fighting for their lives in hospital, but i keep hearing about this dude. Attention seeker.

  6. I love how all these actors are saying there testing positive.. but they look fine.. while everyone else in a bed with breathing tubes down their throats and glass ball around their head having their lungs coughing up while some others having their chest pounded to start their hearts again.. then these people got the virus an look perfectly fine.. i call bullcrap..

  7. these people baffled "HOW IS IDRIS ASYMPTOMATIC WHILE HE'S TESTED +VE?!!"
    Many people are like that!!! he is not stupid nor lying !!!
    and sometimes virus remain passive

  8. Makes no sense. In the video where he announced that he had the virus he is advising people to stay away from eachother and so on. Meanwhile the whole time all I noticed was her right behind him, all up against him and touching her own face, not even fazed that she might catch it too. Makes you really wonder what is real and what is lies?

  9. This is so lame. Getting sick with your husband isn’t “cute”. Stop romanticizing it. Your life doesn’t revolve around a man, grow up woman.

  10. At 1st I was skeptical about Idris cuz i like him as an actor and cardi saying celebrities get paid to say they have was funny style, the meme of black people not getting it, then they Get Idris the nice successful black man gets it, maybe he doesn't know but you think their Higher ups would let them know they will get pay to say they have it? No THEIR higher ups dont want to compromise him telling the truth. And now he is interviewing with Oprah?? Hahaha yea ok. She a gate keeper. So go ahead and delete my comments like have been cuz we can't THINK FOR OURSELFS ANYMORE. smh

  11. To You My Brother just Keep your Hands in HIS HANDS you are a Child of GOD please Have Faith just Look Up to that Heavenly Heaven up there and Believe in HIM our Heavenly Father Jehovah you Will make it keep walking up that Mountain That is from your Brother much Love 🤗😊😇🕊🌍

  12. I take exception when some of the richest, most privileged, most wasteful, most polluting and immoral people on the planet tell me how humanity deserves a deadly virus. Shut up and act, do some good with those riches you don't really need…

  13. we can get rid of oprah and Idris and then we will have two less idiots consuming massively more then the people they are chiding. Absolute turds.


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