iPad Pro (2020) Everything To Know Before YOU BUY!


The New Apple iPad Pro is here and stronger than ever so this is everything to know before buying it. Then the brand new magic keyboard is also getting released soon.
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  1. Hey thank you for this video it helped a lot but I want to know how you have started this YouTube career and make money the reason I was wondering is cause I just say this new iPad come out and I wanted to do a drawing channel on an app called procreate and I have dreamed of having this iPad (yes I actually did dream of it I was a rich artist) but yeah if you do see this message please reply thank you and goodbye 👋

  2. I think it’s great that they’re updating iOS to 13.4 And how their redefining a mouse into more of an innovative pointer. However I have no idea why the newer iPads have the upgraded cameras when no one use them in the first place

  3. The long awaited 2020 iPad Pro release is very disappointing; the main feature update being its keyboard accessory, the camera update is not required as this item is not going to be your first goto device for taking pictures so is a bit pointless? Yes Wifi 6 but expected and a tweek to the already cable processor, sigh.

  4. I was definitely going to buy one but to me its a let down very small update probably gonna have the old LTE modem I want to QUALCOMM modem because I’ve had nothing but problems out of the Intel

  5. I’ve been waiting for an integrated trackpad on an iPad Pro since the original device came into being, the Pro has become a true laptop PC only better because of its instant boot up time.


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