iPad Pro 2020 – Everything We Know!


The long rumored 2020 iPad Pro might not be coming out as soon as we thought, but there’s even more details and rumors about apple’s upcoming Pro Tablet, so let’s go over everything we can expect for the 2020 iPad Pro including a mini led display, a triple lens camera, and a smart keyboard with a built in trackpad!

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  1. I have an iPad Pro 2018 which will also be available for the new iOS upgrade I wonder how much different the iPad Pro 20 would be from an iPad 2018 with the newer software in other words does it make sense to buy the newer device

  2. It's a shame they can't turn off the zone on my iPad where I can see bleeding on the screen. Why is nobody mention how much memory is in the new iPad.. 4 gig is not enough everytime you restart. even though you turn everything off you can you are still only left with 2.3 gig. I'm into making music on the iPad and if you have several apps open. Actually if you have two apps open that is your memory gone

  3. Apple just take my money… Honestly I purchased my new ipad pro at christmas I am so glad the new keyboard supports it.. No need to upgrade to 4th Gen.. no point really unless you want an extra camera.. I mean who the hell uses an ipad to take photos LOL..

  4. Apple trade in program is an absolute joke. Trading in the 2018 12.9inch 516gb iPad pro will get me….$240 bucks off. Lol.


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