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[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS):

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  1. I hate iu. She hasn't looked at bts for seven years, and now she's collaborated. If bts hadn't become world famous, would she have collaborated?

  2. It’s about what happens in her 28, now that she’s 28 she’s lived a long of things and she’s leaving youth so it’s a reflection of her memories, good and bad, and that there she can be forever young, same as yoongi who’s also 28 and they bonded over that

  3. This song is about she question herself was she happy or not at her 28 year old now..after a lot of memories she was go through..

  4. Please react to Jungle by BVNDIT! They just came back and completely slayed! They are the younger sister group from Chungha, also under MNH Ent.! They debuted 2019 and I think you reacted to all of there title tracks before! This new MV is phenomenal!

  5. this song look like happy and bright but in fact very sad song because this is for singers who suicided few month ago. Iu don"t want lose memory about them.

  6. Oh you realized it~ at the beginning of the MV, as you said, IU looks like a dead person. But at the end of the MV, you can find there was a liveliness in her face.

  7. It was fun to see you guys expect Agust D type of music but get this instead. That must mean you guys haven’t reacted to other songs Suga has produced for other artists, because this is usually the type of melodic vibe he goes for. Of course, he’s just producing a sound he feels goes with the artists he’s working with.

    Wait, just remembered. Didn’t you react to We Don’t Talk Together by Suga too? 😂😂 anyways other songs produced by Suga include:
    – Wine by Suran
    – Suga’s Interlude by Halsey x Suga
    – Song Request by Lee Sora

  8. please check IU company channel.. reaction before they release the MV.

    IU confirm that there was no optimistic message on this song.. so it was really a sad song.. 😔 in the the they cried because they already know the meaning of the song..


  9. Plss listen to the song enterely and then comment. You stopped almost every 10 sec the songs. You wont get the whole vibe.

  10. Könnt ihr euch mal Songs von Bol4 anschauen? War ein Duo das in Korea super erfolgreich war, aber außerhalb von Korea fast garnicht. (Eine von den beiden ist gegangen, deswegen kein Duo mehr) Ich fand deren Musik aber sehr interessant.

  11. im still waiting for the reactions of the Mots 7 album i think 3 songs left My Time Moon and Respect i really wanna see your reaction

  12. Schaut euch mal Vriemya i Steklo VISLOVO an. Die sind aus der Ukraine und machen richtig gute Musik. Auf Spotify werden die auch nur von Deutschen gehört warum auch immer. Die haben n paar Alben und vislovo ist ihr neuster Song auch wenn er schon 10 Monate alt ist (MV Release)

  13. Kinda suprised that a lot of comments forget to mention Goo Hara as well… it's not "only" Junghyun and Sulli…

    Loved the reaction…but I also watched the stream~

  14. creo que no entienden porque es triste, es triste porque en el vídeo IU no es Iu sino es Sulli y cuando dice que no quiere despertar de la pesadilla, es porque en la pesadilla sus amigos están vivos tiene todo un simbolismo que creo que ustedes no comprendieron bien…

  15. Idk if it's correct or not but I (like to) think that the song is called eight (8) because if you turn it it's a lemniscate and that way it says a lot about the song. Again, idk and correct me if I'm wrong >.<

  16. could you please react to who by lauv because its featuring jimin and jungkook and the song itself is just so beautiful in my opinion ☺️🥺

  17. Am ende zeigt siedrei Gesichtsausdrücke.
    Verwirrung und schock über den Tod.
    Lächeln weil sie es akzeptiert hat und weitergehen muss.
    Wut und im Hintergrund hört man dieselbe frage, bist du nun glücklich, diesmal gerichtet an die hater.

    Der Drache repräsentiert Glumanda weil Jonghyun ein grosser fan war. Das Mädchen in weiss Repräsentiert Hara und Sulli.

  18. Actually is about the loss of her friends, the peach lamp id for Sulli and the dragon is for a male idol that used to befriend with her, Sulli wrote a song for UI called peach… by the way love your videos, especially mamamoo ones, greetings from Chile

  19. Hi,
    könnt ihr bitte auf einen Song von Gfriend reagieren…also ihr habt mal auf Fever reagiert und danach nie wieder 😢 weil ihr die Gesichtsausdrücke nicht gut gefunden hattet..
    Gfriend ist jetzt unter dem gleichen Label wie BTS
    Die sind echt talentiert sonst wären sie nicht da….
    Bitte reagiert noch mal auf Gfriend

  20. Other songs produced by him with female artists include: Song Request with Lee Sora, We Don’t Talk Together with Heize, So Far Away ft. Suran (this was technically an Agust D song), Suga’s Interlude with Halsey, and now Eight!

  21. Könntet ihr mal auf BiBi – Kazino reagieren, ich finde eure reactions immer mega unterhaltsam 😊👍🏻

  22. 👍 Be just some Context so you can cry with us:

    April 8 : Jhonyun's birthday and 8 years of friendship with Sulli & Hara ( Rest In Peace angels)

    The girl who wear the white dress is Sulli and the girl in the plane is IU

    8 is also eternity : Forever

    They'll meet in the island on the memories. Because they will always Forever Young.

    and IU is 28 years old now

    When i saw the MV i cried.
    This MV is so beautiful oh my Lord.

    Thanx for react this MV 🙏


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