Javascript vs Python THROWDOWN – Which should YOU use? (2020)


There are so many programming languages out there that it can be overwhelming to know which is right for your project. Picking the right language is crucial for getting the best performance in the least amount of time. In today’s video, we’ll compare and contrast the two most popular languages, Python and JavaScript, and explain which situations best align with each.

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  1. Node.js is not a package and is not written in Javascript… is a runtime environment written mostly in C++. Please don't bring more confusion on this to new developers 🙁

  2. JavaScript can be used on the server side thanks to Node… So, you can interact with the file system using JavaScript because it is a server side language… The “fs” package is great.

  3. Maybe it's easier for a seasoned C or C++ programmer to pick up JS than a complete beginner, but JS isn't that hard to learn as a beginner and even less so if you already know ANY programming language. As for server-side tasks, not only do we have Node.js but now also Deno, both of which have robust standard libraries in a similar vein to Python. NPM, the package manager for Node.js and JavaScript, has well over a million packages to its name (most of those packages might be crap to be fair, but there is no shortage of outstanding packages that really streamline both frontend and backend development in so many ways). Thus, it's entirely possible for an app's entire stack to be written in JS, which many companies, startups, etc. have done and continue to do today. That said, if you know and prefer Python for the backend, just stick with Python — it's not a bad choice at all.

    On the frontend, you might not have as much of a choice (i.e. if you're looking for a job or gig) because, even if what you use isn't JavaScript, it will have to compile to or interop with JavaScript (which may change as WASM continues to mature), so the best solution is to probably just swallow your pride (or hold your nose if you really hate JS that much) and learn it!

    If you don't know either, learn them both! Good devs know more than one language anyhow imho. Start with Python first if you must, but JS isn't as scary as it sounds.

  4. Can't read write to file system with JavaScript so you need a server side language like python? That's a bit misleading considering NodeJS…

  5. I laughed hysterically when you compered javascript to c and c++. You claimed one should know c and c++ beforehand so they can learn javascript! It's outright wrong, and with this claim you damaged your credibility in a significant way.

  6. I pick Javascript any day of the week. Maybe it's because I love web environment. Javascript for a developer is like a palette of colors for an artist! And your glasses are funny!

  7. This video was very informative. I do have a question. I recently got the entry-level and the associate's level certificates from The Python Institute. Should I continue learning Python and go for the 3rd level of certification OR should I start learning HTLM>CSS>JS>React to improve my chances of getting a job? Please advise and THANK YOU!!!

  8. if python and js are dynamic type then why don't they invent some modules and also change give the tag to python in html file lile <py> <py> to make it fronted too

  9. this is Kite official youtube channel, but anytime I see new video I click without waiting, I always learn new stuff here

  10. Don't forget…Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

  11. Having finished it, in my opinion, this is a really poor video with bad examples. You're not at all distinguishing between front end and backend which makes your video completely confusing. Both spotify and Netflix's websites are built with javascript. Spotify may use python on the backend for data analysis but likely so does Netflix. There is literally no difference between them. The fact is JS is clearly the better language because everything you can accomplish with python, you can with javascript. The same cannot be said for python. If you want the best bet with the most possible application, learn javascript, period. There's a reason it's #1 and it's not just because it's the defacto language of the web — it's because it's so much more than that.


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