Johnny depp amber heard newest voice recording and ambers deposition 17 . 3 . 2020


Amber heard is in her deposition regarding domestic violence and a voice recording of her and johnny gets played



  1. At 3:37 she says that he was in the way of the door to the room she was trying to escape "into" and if she was trying to escape into the room that he was in the way of then wasn't she trying to go into a room he was already in? If you were in a room and trying to get away from him, you wouldn't go toward him to get away, you would've went to another room that he wasn't in so that means you were going at him to attack him and that is when you hit him with the door!

  2. Everything wrong is caused by poop like you people on this page. Amber Heard is making the world a better place in spite of you. You are all compost

  3. Suddenly her interest in playing the part of Mandy in 'all the boys love Mandy lane' makes all the sense in the world

  4. Why would anybody date this psycho? There are billions of ppl in the world, and millions of more attractive women who can treat people with love and respect. I don’t get the appeal with this ugly nut.

  5. It's interesting how she'll answer certain questions nonchalantly with her mouth full, yet for other answers she waits until she is completely done chewing and swallowing.

  6. She has a pretty face but evil soul. Whether she abused her ex or not. I do not like her disrespectful demeanor. I just can't stand arrogant people!

  7. I have been a Johnny Depp fan for as long as I can remember. When she alleged the abuse, I believed her and never saw a Depp film again. I can't believe how wrong I was I mean looking at her here I want to reach in and punch her in that nasty face.

  8. this lying cunt stuffing her face with cookies so she can buy time to make up bullshit, gtfo with your terrible acting !! Your'e ruined bitch lmaoooo career over


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