Luffy & Boa Hancock 『AMV』Dreams | One Piece


💥Anime : One Piece
💥Song:Dreams-Lost sky
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  1. The Best part is at 2:00…….Just do what luffy said
    Hey guys ……Join my discord server

    Come on in lets have fun together

  2. Every king need her empress so hancock and luffy has made for each other luffy need a woman who will cook and take care of him but who also know how to defend herself and remember that hancock kill an pacifista with only one kick while luffy the first time failed it hancock is badass and kind

  3. ルフィおにいちゃんはナミおねえちゃんハンコックを笑顔でかっこよく爽やかに女性を笑顔で落とすよね


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