Macbook Air 2020 & New iPad Pro look Awesome!


MacBook Air 2020 and iPad Pro 2020 have just been announced. They both pack a lot of new updates but which one makes the most sense? Here’s the details and first impressions. Make sure to subscribe for the full review!

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  1. iPad Pro 2020 or MacBook Air? 👇👇👇👇👇 Hit me up on or if you have any questions!

  2. EVERY reviewer talks about whether it is capable of “light” video editing or photo editing. WHAT ABOUT MUSIC PRODUCTION!

  3. Hello Mr. Matthew
    How are you today, have a nice day.
    I would like a HP Specter x360 because it will help me a lot in studying, especially at this time.
    Can you sell this laptop that you own to me? Because I do not have enough money to buy a new one.
    waiting for your reply .
    Thank you very much for all the above.💚🙏

  4. Actually the processor in the iPad Pro is pretty much the same as the previous gen. Very slight upgrade in terms of performance. But who cares the 2018 was insanely fast anyway.

  5. Mathew how r u? well 5 days ago i bought HP OMEN 15 10** RTX 2070 MAX Q V with i7 9G, but here is the thing i cant download the driver for the INTEL graphics. i tired everything Auto ditect, manually downlaod from the main webseit but its nothing like its written that its already installed hower once i click on it its aint open and tell me that that driver is not avaibale and i need to check the avaiblty and the nlaunch the app so what should i do?

  6. Hi everyone. I have a question about game. I would like to buy BATTLEFIELD. Which one I would prefer? I like BATTLEFIELD 1. But I don't know that, is BATTLEFIELD 1 still playing online?

  7. I would prefer the iPad/Keyboard combo, just because of the flexibility and portability of the tablet. It's nice to digest content on the iPads vs the Macbook Air.

  8. im still a student.but when ill get a job,i will buy all the lastest apple product.not only they are good,the ecosystem works so well.
    now im using a samsung phone,a gaming laptop,a tab s tablet ect…


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