MacBook Air 2020 – Should You Buy It? | The Tech Chap


The 2020 Apple MacBook Air is here with NEW Intel 10th Gen Processors, FIXED Magic Keyboard, DOUBLE the Storage and a few other tweaks. Starting at £999 / $999 – should you buy the MBA 2020?

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  1. Hey chaps – hope you like the video! Reckon you'd buy a new MBA?? 🤔

    1) MBA does have fans (only the MacBook was passively cooled) – but was silent throughout my testing.
    2) Technically it uses custom 'NG' processors, a higher clocked version of Intels Ice-Lake Y Series of chips. It's still not as powerful as a 10th Gen U Series CPU though. 👍

  2. I am researching the apple product line and am wondering if this model would be sufficient for tab-er usage person? I research many subject lines and man, those rabbit holes can be filled with a lot of open tabs…my current lp can't keep up anymore, hence the big move…

  3. I want a machine for learning programming and some ethncal hacking , I think it is good for using android studio etc on this machine

  4. So these paid for reviews continue whilst the world is dealing with easily one of the biggest crisis in the last 100 years. So glad the tech chap cares.

  5. would the base model be good for a media student that also needs to edit audio and video ?! There is one on QVC that I saw would that be better ?

  6. Hey Tom is it good for video editing for software like premiere pro and coding and all graphic design stuff?
    Can we run smoothly all heavy software like photoshop and all ?
    Please tell me

  7. Please open the rear lid and see whether the laptop is actively cooled. If not, do not buy as your processor would die put in 5-6 months

  8. I already got MBA 19 5 months ago, what should i do😭😭, i little bit dissapointed why not wait any longer😭😭

  9. Really nice seeing Apple make an effort to move their products in a better direction, I just wish more laptops came with a 16:10 display.


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