Mecha Rengar Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends


This is a teaser spotlight of Mecha Rengar with ingame gameplay!
Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate – NA):
Price: 1350RP

Skin name is CONFIRMED as Mecha Rengar, particles & SFX may not be final.
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Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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  1. i am very poor. can anyone buy me this skin plz? i know nobody will, but if you would it would mean a lot to me. Ultimate Metal at eune is my account. thanks

  2. I came here because I was amazed at how awesome the splash art of Mecha Rengar was. But upon seeing it in action, basically a Transformers rip, I lost all interest. I literally fell out of my chair in disgust when I saw that Mecha Rengar transforms into a vehicle when he teleports.

  3. As a rengar main this pissed me off.
    The skin model is crap.
    The way he transform into his alt is cringy (his alt form is cool tho)
    Too many wasted possible effect. (What's the boost exhaust in his back for? IDK he leaps? He ran fast during his ult? why they didnt put that boost effect on his back)
    I can rant all day about this yea since im a slave of this game i'll buy it anyways. Wish riot remodel his skin. Compared to Kha'zix this is trash.


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