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Netflix’s hit series La Casa de Papel, which is also known as Money Heist, returns for a fourth season on Friday, April 3!

Who is your favorite Money Heist character? The Professor or, maybe Tokio? Or you fan of Denver and Lisbon team?

Watch our video to know everything about Money Heist actors and their characters!

Úrsula Corberó will be back again as Tokyo, who is the star and narrator of Money Heist part four. But why is Silene Oliveira looks so familiar?

Did you know that Alvaro Morte has to go through 5 auditions to prove that he is perfect for the role of Salva? Álvaro spent more than two and a half months participating in different tests until he convinced the director and the producers that the role should be his!

What’s going on between Silene Oliveira and Miguel Herrán?
What happened to Itziar Ituño?

Did you know that Jaime Lorente not only an actor but also a poet?
What is Esther Acebo think of her co-stars?

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