Most Popular Backend Frameworks | 2012-2019


Timeline of most popular Backend Frameworks from 2012 to 2019. Based on the number of Stars of the repositories exported from GitHub Archive.
Data source: GitHub Archive

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  1. seems weird with ruby and meteor ,can anybody say why meteor has 500 dl per week and at same time is here as top 6?

  2. I love how these people think that node.js is not only a framework but also a language. It's very impressive how today "programmers" have a very tiny knowledge about things

  3. after 2016 wuth the adoption of .net core, agragate of github services, lauched WSL 2 and pthrrs features, the microsoft stack should be on the top… tht is so strange.. or wrong

  4. Not sure that expressjs is a framework.. it's just a http server and routing, a small part of any web application. It's incorrectly to compare expressjs and RoR.

  5. For Node.js devs: please check out my backend framework “nanoexpress”. It’s faster than express with much wider API support


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