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Anime Fighter… Anime Fighter… Anime Fighter with waifu’s… Anime fighter. Man there certainly is a lot of these, how do I pick a good one from the bunch?

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Nitroplus (Or Nitro +) Blasterz (With a super cool Z on the end) Heroines infinite duel (Cause the title needed to be really long and I needed all these parenthesis) is a 2015 arcade fighter that takes your favorite women from you favorite anime and favorite games and slaps them into 1 world to duke it out against a powerful evil!

Saber, Sonico, Saya, Homura, Take your pick!

“Nitroplus Blasterz System Guide + Frame Data Sites + Tier Lists + BnB Combo Vids + ENG-JPN Names”



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  1. the netcode for this game is decent, if you both have good connection. it's not terrible most of the time, compared to some other games, but definetly not great compared to many fighting games.
    nice review but I think it would of been cool if you can show some mid-high level gameplay, which you can actually look up, if you are not that familiar with it. it does have some odd mechanics, and possibly the most combo heavy anime fighting game ever, once you learn the basics of it.

  2. Should I buy this or The first Akiba’s trip (I know they are very different just want TO know What I should buy with 10$ (I would also like TO get the platinum trophy in one of these)

  3. "I find the playstation controller's dpad not the best for performing moves"

    that why you can't go 5 minutes without seeing a ds4 at evo? lol

  4. I support broken final bosses in arcade mode, it gives you a challenge that you can't find in normal pvp play, it bends the rules of normal play.

    The final boss in this game is actually really easy in comparison with other games from Examu, like Arcana hearts … Parace L'Sia is super broken.

  5. anyone wanting someone challenging to fight i'm your guy. also if you someone to teach you stuff i can also do it. just hit me up at CagedNightmare1. i also have some random combos up on my channel.

  6. Aren't the poor midi guitars supposed to add to a porn-like feel to the games overall aesthetic. I love your niche videos, but I somehow feel that if you broadened your reach a bit, you'd blow up. At least blow up quickly.

  7. Same situation happend to me and Jill in mvc3. They closed the purchase of her on the actual store. Wtf. Another game that was supposed to be released was fighting climax. We got shitted on with the larger roster missing in v1.

  8. ever play koihime musou? that's the waifu fighting that really took off here in japan in the arcades. to the point where former blazblue evo champ galileo stopped playing blazblue to play it. :O

  9. Great work as always, Tarks. Gotta be honest, hearing 2 characters are locked behind a paywall makes me harken back to a simpler time. When you'd buy a game and everyone would all be there. I don't like a game showing them there and not letting you play as them. It's a tease playing on people with OCD that want everyone appearing selectable. Maybe I'm over thinking this…. But it will forever annoy me.
    Regardless- awesome job on this game. Looks like a sweet SFII-type fighter!

  10. i have this game and i enjoyed it. and i only really knew 2 of the main characers before playing being saber and saya but i did know a few from the support list. i actually liked this one alot better then fighting climax on PS3.

  11. I actually knew about a decent number of the characters before finding out about the game (8-9 of the series), both through by chance and being somewhat of a "Nitroplus" fan. And before the game released internationally, I went out and experienced as many of the remaining English translated series I could, something I usual do for upcoming cross over games I'm interested in. So needless to say, I did get a lot more out of the game than the average person. I even got a good laugh out of the Another Story segment since it actually parodies the dark, overly detailed, and repetitive writing structure of Nitroplus VNs. Now if only the character dialogue during battles were translated in some way.

    Fun fact: This game is actually considered canon to the "Demonbane" (Al's and Another Blood's series) timeline. No, I'm not kidding ( ).

  12. By the way Tarks, you can go to "Settings" > "Notifications" > "Pop-Up Notifications" and turn off that annoying "gameplay recording" stuff. First thing I did, along with turning off automatic screenshots for when you unlock trophies. 🙂

  13. I wound up getting this shortly after I got my PS4 two years ago, but it was mainly cause of my attachment to Nitro+.

    Ended up getting a cool anime fighter but I never had a chance to try out the online cause I heard it was nonexistent by the time I got the game.

    That and I don't think anybody I knew had the game at the time so I guess I missed out.


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