Node.js vs PHP: Which Environment To Choose For Your Next Project


It all started with Google’s launch of V8 JavaScript Engine and JavaScript started entering the backend development domain. And in only a few days, Node.js was prepared to become the best JavaScript framework of both the time then and for the time to come.

Node.js vs PHP has joined the list of famous which is better debates, frequently making rounds in the mobile application development industry.

A debate that was never even into existence has today become a classic standoff in the mobile app development and web app development world, with developers struggling to make a choice between both environments.

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  1. Holy fuck will I never use nodejs ecosystem for anything that handles money or critical. Unless you end up writing your own framework, the package quality, even for well known one, is hot garbage. We had to throw out library from a project because it turned out to be a major pain in the ass and just having breaking issues. And I'm not even talking dependency tree. We had over 1000 packages at first and we cleaned that out to something like 400 at the moment and we threw out some major packages because of shit quality (like we threw out Prometheus libs because there wasn't a single good one).

    Basically to make something quality, the amount of work to do is HUGE and it's expensive. Unless you literally roll in tech money or investment, you are not gonna pick nodejs as your tool as primary tool.

  2. Actually php 7 is faster than node js on intensive cpu operations. With swoole, php blows out node js in i/o speed. With swoole ,php can do multi threading and asynchronous well. Php can also handle nosql and json well. Working with relational database is also too much pain using nodejs. I don't see any reason to use node js over php.


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