NodeJS vs PHP | Which is best for beginners


NodeJS and PHP can be a point of confusion for a lot of beginners in web development. Coming to backend development, it’s ok to find yourself in a confusing state of NODEJS and PHP. In this video, I will compare nodejs and php in various points like release date, community, production, hiring talent, salaries, etc.
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  1. hi thank you for this video, I want to know a small thing, I'm getting array data from API. how I can pass that array data to the variables in node js. please advise me.

    Eg: [{"MemId":"16","AlgoId":"4","BuyAmount":"10"},{"MemId":"16","AlgoId":"3","BuyAmount":"10"},{"MemId":"16","AlgoId":"1","BuyAmount":"20"},{"MemId":"16","AlgoId":"26","BuyAmount":"50"}]

    I wish to get memid & buy amount to the variable under while loop to update the database in nodejs. So I want to know how I can pass this data to the variables.


  2. Javascript only good for one thing and only that : handling high traffic APIs, like the website of ministry of education that shows high school resultats of all the country at once.
    Besides this Javascript environment is shitty in genral, no tools to develop quickly that's why all web agencies prefer PHP and that's why 80% of ecommerce websites are built with PHP.

  3. PHP also has Laravel and this is MVC pattern where code is always well structured talking about subscriptions, Effective ORM (Object Relational Mapping),Libraries & Modular and many more… most of all you wont be scratching youre head while deploying nodejs projects with dependency errors!! laravel is very stable talking about Hosting.

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