Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (3 of 3) pronounced


Phonetic knowledge required for realizing dictionary pronunciations.
The default tone for dictionary entries (lexical items) is the fall. The longer the word, the more the number of constituent syllables, and the greater the chance of having multiple pronunciations. As is often the case, especially for polysyllables, a native speaker’s preferred pronunciation may differ from that specified in the citation form. Therefore, in rendering the initial letter-a entries, great care has been taken to ensure that the articulated syllables match the written syllables as specified by the transcription. As far as possible, the pitch contour for each nuclear tone in the citation form is achieved with a high fall, a precipitous one starting from the high pitched nucleus falling immediately to the lowest possible pitch in the tail (if any). To further help viewers of the video with accurate pronunciation, each enunciated transcription has been syllabified (division into syllables) phonetically (red vertical marks), so that what you see is what you get and pronunciation syllable by syllable becomes possible (starred consonants are ambisyllabic e.g. the upper corner * in common /’kɒm*ən/ shows that /m/ is ambisyllabic, which serves as a syllable division marker, in the sense of [‘kɒm^ ^mən]).

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