PS5 Deep-Dive Reveal


Multistreaming with

Mark Cerny hosts a tell-all about what to expect tech-wise from the upcoming PlayStation 5. IGN leads in with analysis about what we think will see then follows up with post-show analysis.



  1. LOL obviously, all these IGN guys are schmucks. PS5 is gonna be a killer from spec view. Just bunch of 'gamers' with no knowledge regarding the technology.

  2. The PS5 technical features were not difficult to understand.
    What I find confusing is that it took over 26 minutes for someone at Sony to realize how ridiculous the autotune software made this guy's voice sound.

  3. I think this guy could bore Corona virus to death. I saw this on my pal's twitch stream, his reactions was more engaging than this guy's dry sleep inducing speech lol still the ps5 sounds legit awesome.

  4. Ok what the actual f*** is up with the audio its distracting and making me want to find another video on the reveal

  5. Actually, I liked the way that he explains technically about hardware and features. Sadly most of people aren't interested in such stuffs.

  6. 🔥🔥🔥
    all praise deserves this place
    1:39 💕💓💗

  7. I was expecting him to say “Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club? Turrrrtle 🐢.” I was disappointed. 😔

  8. Why are you guys still talking about teraflops to measure performance when Cerny showed in the conference two different configurations with the same teraflop numbers but different performances. They are just one part of the GPU and they don't translate to direct game performance.


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