PS5 Hardware Reveal Live With YongYea


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  1. Sony propaganda makes me laugh no PC parts in a console AMD makes nothing but PC parts. I think the problem with the RDNA 1 & 2 would be the cooling system they would use. It has to be liquid cooled not air cooled or the RDNA would fry. Its New Tech which means it will have problems. Sony makes promises they can't keep which is why i walked away from console they promised backward compatible for the PS3&4 along with many features promised i don't see PS5 being any different. Subscription also killed it for me.

  2. Since when did console war changed from games exclusivity to hardware like laptop/pc? It seems like Sony try to hide their own hardware inferiority. It was informative but pointless presentation.

  3. @YongYea I have seen a lot of your videos and I have been wondering if you have a preference on system and your favorite game? I would have to say mine is PlayStation 4 and favorite game of all time is ffxi

  4. Personally… I loved it. I love knowing all of those technical stuff and he presented it BEAUTIFULLY!!!
    My opinion, though. I understand if it is unlike most people

  5. Yong. uruuuuuule!!! THANK YOU, for not talking so much…it was great if havingvthe atmosphere of all these people watching together as dana carvey did one of his great snl sketches.
    loved the cut out people.
    no but really. it was cool to watch it here.

  6. This is what next-gen SSDs and instantaneous loading and no pop-in textures could do for gameplay:

    Think about a really dense urban enviroment, like a market with lots of highly fleshed out npcs. Like in Cyberpunk 2077 or Elderscrolls.

    Normally you could have that many npcs or that detailed textures on npcs, spawning in and out because of load times. Now that bottleneck isn't there any more.

    Or even wilder – imagine having an action or fight scene happening while traversing portals. Picture Ciri from the Witcher being chased through portals taking her to many different portals spanning many differt worlds, all in real time gameplay. This isn't possible with current gen tech.

  7. LMAO he calls it a bidet a : bid it. It's pronounced : buh day editing buh dei is apparently the correct way to type out the pronunciation

  8. This was a magnificent presentation by Cerny. That man has done his homework.
    Although it fell short of the much more practical Xbox presentation with Austin Evans.


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