PS5 isn't as powerful as Xbox Series X


The PS5 is official and…can’t QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
Our Xbox Series X hands on and teardown 🔨
Can the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X? 🤔

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  1. This whole development is a dream for us geeks! I’m so so glad we’re discussing these beasts of consoles. Reality could quickly have changed to two extra streaming services. Don’t forget that, fanboys, enjoy this and love where the genius architecture of blue and green are pushing things! 🤤🎮

  2. I havet been a PS userc since ps1.
    But they Will lose me ON this one, the win for xbox is Just too clear, better at everything.

  3. Proprietary expansion vs a more open setup = a HUGE win imo for Sony. People went completely insane with the Vita having proprietary cards. It does become a problem when these SSDs will not be available for the full 2021 for example. Since you use them specifically for PS5 games, the SSDs coming in around 6 months later…. Not that big of a problem. Those things be actually really affordable during the year = huge win.But I also don't think the PS5 will be much cheaper, because of that SSD. It could possibly be the case Sony made other parts a little cheaper, just to get that SSD 'dream' thing in there and in an affordable package. Now games will have to shake out if that thing actually matters THAT much. And this will probably be seen in first party games only/mostly.

    Man those 2 machines really get my excited for console. I do feel its a shame Sony does not launch with 2 consoles. Base PS5 en PS5pro. Just because I like options and in this case would easily pay 100,- or more for a beefier console. But for sure im not gonna wait 3 years and even surerer im not gonna miss out those first party Sony games. Same as with Nintendo every single gen. I just get sucked in. Microsoft, we'll have to see. Probably get hem on PC like Ori.

  4. M.2 ssd compatibility on the PS5 will be the real performance differential that may actually give the PS5 a slight advantage over the XsX especially if it's a PCI-E 4.0 M.2 slot. XsX has a significant advantage on backwards compatibility and honestly Sony would have an instant win if they did the same because of their superior historical exclusive library especially if it was backwards compatibility + region free. The issue with MS is that pretty much all of the key games will also be on PC which yes includes Halo Infinite so… yea…

  5. The new X Box is clearly a total beast, and I loved my Xbox 360 back in the day, and I'm not ruling out getting one entirely this next gen, but for me it comes down to the games, and I preferred the games on PlayStation this last gen. Backward compatibility is not something I care much about at all. I'm interested in new games, not playing stuff I've already completed, so I'm still leaning towards Sony despite the obvious power difference. Both machines are gonna be great, and a huge step up on what we have just now.

  6. I mean realistically the difference in performance is somewhat meager even on paper. In practice you'll be hard pressed to find differences. I'd wager this is, as usual, going to come down to a battle for who has the best exclusives and price. Sony looks well poised to fight that particular battle.

  7. Yes but you can bet if the PS5 has a way better games line up than Xbox series x guess what? In going to buy the ps5.

    Power means nothing, it's all about the content you provide for the platform


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