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Welcome back to Next-gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Each of us is calling in to the show from our homes because of the mandated shelter in place requirement here in the Bay Area. But the show must go on, as they say, and there is SO MUCH next-gen news to talk about this week. We’ll take a look at PS5 and Xbox Series X Specs, and of course, we’ll have poll results and a new poll for you, but first we finally know the PlayStation 5’s specs, which means we can finally compare and contrast with Xbox Series X. Be sure to vote on this week’s poll on ign dot com once you’ve watched the episode!



  1. It's about the software right?

    Xbox's handling of (legacy and future) software is leaps and bounds better than Sony. Currently PS5 can't even play all PS4 games. While Xbox Series X will not only play Xbox one games, it will at a minimum, run better!

    This is huge!!!

    Oh, right! XSX is more powerful!

  2. Ray tracing looks impressive in something like Minecraft for sure but in complex games with all ready intricate lighting effects the differense will be much lesser with a giant performance hit so I remain sceptical as to how extensive ray tracing will truly end up being as far as visual effects go. We already see from time to time some PC versions having a new top tier volumetric fog setting or some other bleeding edge visual effect that looks nice but in the end is only a slight additive to the experience with a massive cost to the performance. RT is nice but it'll be mostly a marketing thing I fear.

  3. Halo Infinite which releases with Xbox Series X has Ray Tracing. I’m sure Ray tracing will be on Xbox series X from the get go.

  4. To be honest I think Sony's biggest issue is how they are handling RAM, ryzen CPUs are heavily dependent on high speed RAM for the best constant clock speed which is what Microsoft appears to have recognised with 10 gigs high-speed gddr ram with 6 gigs lower speed ram along and wider memory bus, I wouldn't be surprised if this is why Sony's nigh identical CPU isn't handling a constant clock speed, that and Microsofts approach to smt application handling

  5. Assuming PlayStation still has a nice lead on sales I can't see the Xbox taking over considering both consoles are offering backwards compatibility to some extent. I don't care if the Series X is a bit stronger because I'll lose all my old PlayStation games by switching.

  6. The comparison is like RTX 2070 (36 CU equivalent) at 2230 Mhz OC (10.28 TFLOPS) with 448 GB/s vs RTX 2080 Super (48 CU equivalent) at 1926 Mhz (12.15 TFLOPS) with 496 GB/s

  7. PS5 day one for me. Xbox is for morons, I already have an Epic games account and a Steam account PC+PS5 + Nintendo FTW

  8. Ps5 is king👑you know why?teraf is just analysing a part of gpu,cpus are almost same(100mGHz diffrent it is not a lot for 9th gen)and more clock and better SSD,so we need a PS5 and an external storage

  9. For all the kids arguing about which console is better and will sale more, they are both HUGE upgrades from the current consoles so why does it matter if the Xbox is beefier? Xbox has usually had this advantage in terms of specs, the exclusives are really the only thing that matters in showing off the power of these systems. Third party games will basically be the same across both consoles. Play what console you want, but stop berating people because of there preference.

  10. Microsoft still can't get Windows right even after all these years. What makes you think they are gonna finally get it right this time?

  11. Remember Sony has customized the Ps5's hardware. Sup is customized, SSD is customized, and so on. Sony is known for being innovative with utilizing their hardware and software. Ps5 will dominate. With that said,I will wait for the Ps5 pro.

  12. Xbox one X is more Powerful than PS4 Pro…but that did not convince people to buy more Xbox. If Teraflops were everything then Switch would be in trash can right now.

    Its all about the GAMES!

  13. Xbox Series X has 12TF but no dev will take advantage of that for the first few years because MS is releasing everything on the base Xbox. That's just a bummer for devs. On the other hand, first party studios on the Sony side, are already developing for the PS5 architecture, which means the games coming out will be a major step ahead of the competition.

    XB is a V8 on 16" wheels. The PS5 is a turbocharged V6 on 22" wheels.

  14. Man I haven't visited IGN's site in probably 10 years now and whoa these guys are still at IGN… That's crazy. Is the blonde chick still there too?

  15. Whats happens when Sony announces the PS5 Pro with even more powerful specs?

    Also would really love to see some remasters. GTA5 but on these new consoles would be cool to see what that game could be like. More open buildings, smarter NPC behavior trees. Obviously I’d like to see other games totally reworked as well.

  16. You guys didn't really touch on Sony and how the boosted specs are best case scenario and they are variable so the cpu and gpu could indeed have a bigger impact when not hitting those top numbers which they always wont.

  17. I love both systems but sony been slacking with the news i know im most likely gonna buy both but xbox jst been showing me more they been having better pr then playstation

  18. Well, PS5 team has their own validation in choosing the right TF for this generation, they got 20 years of experience in the industry. Pretty sure there'll still gonna be a PS5 pro to support 8k in the future. They only listened to what the developers wanted which is a faster i/o. Fan's cravings on higher TF don't mean enough if the devs don't use it.

  19. I'm really scared , the Xbox series X seems to be a lot better than the PlayStation 5 , that's terrible news for a Playstation fanboy like me💀


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