Sony has given us a ton of technical information on the PlayStation 5. From specs to hard drive size and everything in-between, here’s what you need to know.
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  1. I have watched so many videos on these 2 systems, and so far, I am really torn.

    I am just barely leaning toward the Playstation (haven't had one since PS2), but I think Microsoft will go nuts this gen.

    They don't want to lose, really, they can't lose.

  2. He sounds like a Sony fanboy, gosh. The series X clearly has better specs and you should fully admit that. However this doesn’t mean it will be better just acknowledge it 🙄

  3. It's funny when so many people here are saying that compared to Microsoft, Sony actually spend the time to make sure each component works best with the other components, not being brute force etc . As if the Microsoft engineers just took a box and threw some random fast stuff together and said "Voila, done". "What is this optimization you are speaking off??" Personally, I couldn't care less which one is the best but I am very interested in seeing how both are pushing such high specs on all levels.

  4. Wait a min is sony making a new type of SSD? My understanding is NVME drives are slightly faster than a solid-state drive(SSD) and if the Xbox x series are running a gen4 PCIe 4.0 NVME that SSD will be no match bandwith wise at all. PCie 4.0 has a raw bit rate of 16GT/s unless that SSD that sony have is some brand new tech I don't see how they are comparable. Maybe I'm missing something here and the Xbox nvme is not PCIe 4.0 but if it is I don't see how a regular SSD would be in lockstep with that. Unless the CPU can't support all the lanes due to GPU etc…

  5. I'm not going to get the series x due to the fact that Microsoft is going for more cloud gaming which means I can play it on my PC also because you can play series x games on Xbox one x

  6. Very much doubt Developers will using that SSD in such a manner. That would mean they would have to Develop 2 of the same games. One for that specific to leverage that SSD and the other for everyone else. Not to mention the ps4 which is still there bread and butter. One of the reasons that cell Technology on that Ps3 never really made a difference was because it was too difficult to develop for. While the 360 was a more traditional architecture which everything was easy to port or design for.

  7. It sucks that these people who are popular at ranking this stuff are such apparent fanboys that they cant even appear to have impartial judgement. They are lucky Microsoft let's them have Psychonauts 2.

  8. Referring to the Series X power as 'brute force' is just nonsense. Xbox has heavily customized their system the same as Sony have done. Brute Force is a term I would equate with PC gaming.

  9. Ok video, you guys need to say in your opinion and not state things as fact unless you know exactly what you are talking about. I have seen more videos with better technical understanding of both console than you guys and they do a better job of letting the viewers know when something is fact versus their opinion or assumption.
    – Cheers

  10. That awkward moment when your "3d sound" is going to be limited by the quality of your headphones, so its essentially useless tech.

  11. My only issue with the PS5 is the storage amount. Looks like I can download 6 games on the console if I'm lucky. Hoping a new ratchet and clank launches with the console and hoping there are a ton of extra things to do for trophies or just collectibles to keep me busy in my favorite game series ever

  12. I have 2TB drive in my PS4 and it filled up pretty fast. 825GB will fill even faster when games become bigger. And I know I can delete and download games again but when it comes to games like RDR2 that is over 100GB it's just annoying to wait half a day to play a game.


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