Realtek HD Audio Install Failure simple Remedy


No extra software
No generic driver websites
No hassle
Comes with Windows

The following is spam, stolen from other videos, for lulz 😀
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  1. i only have as audio driver intel(R) Screen, some shit like that, i've tried installing realtek several times but still dont work why?

  2. 2017 here. I have two (2) Realtek High Definition Audio names in this list. Same name, but different hardware Id and i dont known wich one i must choose


  4. Really really thanks, i have been searching a solution, I have formatting my pc 2 times but te problem was still, you video solved the problem, thanks (sorry for my english)

  5. thank you! just spent 7 hours trying to get this damn thing to install. installer just wouldn't install the driver. Your video fixed it!

  6. ok so i finally managed to put in the realtek driver on to my new laptop however, my issue is that when i connect to my tv via HDMI, i can see the video but no audio is coming through the tv. im trying to put in the realtek HDMI driver but that isnt working, it says, 'no driver was supported in this package' i'm out of ideas at this point. my laptop is an asus g750jx but i had it downgraded to run windows 7 rather than 8 or 10 because i hate them.

  7. Update your Windows before installing the drivers.
    I had the same problem, updated SP1 for Windows 7 and then installed the drivers and it worked fine.

  8. The prob I have is it says the Realtek driver is up to date but it had the yellow triangle in the device manager

  9. what's weird is, i can still hear, but i can't use the mixer because i accidentally uninstalled Realtek audio manager.   o.O

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I've tried fixing mine for hours and her you were with the answer!!
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have installed real tech audio in my windows vista…but i cant find real tech audio in my device manager….how could i do it.???

  12. Thank you solved the problem 🙂
    although i have to admit subtitles would have been better.. xD
    however i think almost everyone has got a 2nd pc/smartphone/tablet or whatever 😉

  13. This was long ago but please can you reply and help me? You see, when I clicked Update Driver, RealTek doesn't show up.. any advice? q_q

  14. This is the right way to install drivers even if you don't have a problem! If installing via INF most of the bloat can be avoided. Another benefit is that if you have a wrong driver, then Windows will warn about it, or refuse to install outright, before any changes to the system are made.

    If the installer cannot be unpacked with ZIP or CAB methods, you can try using Universal Extractor on it, or run it and get the drivers extracted,  proceed to the Device Manager, and then just cancel the original installer.

    Some nasty manufacturers like nVidia now prevent installation from INFs.

  15. And what if my device manager is blank?
    I've tried everything. Enabled PnP and all, checked hidden admin account, ran windows in safe mode, installed beta drivers… Now I do have some sound but I can't use microphones, I don't have the modifications that were available with realtek… I've reached the point where you go straight for a format, but I still don't know if that will fix the device manager file, 'cause I'm gonna load the files from an external hard disk I've only recently bought (where the backed-up files are probably the "bad" ones). Oh and did I mention that my graphic drivers installation also crashes, as well as that my laptop doesn't read my scanner anymore? Any help someone? Please!?

  16. Hey please reply asap! computer was running fine, I decided to download realtek HD, Then it came up with Failure error 0001 and it stopped. My sound works but when I use my headphones, nothing plays, I want to somehow reset my sounds I dont know how help!


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