SBM x YoSoyMatt x Eva de Marce – La Niña Del Volcán (8D AUDIO)


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Aurora dijo que la niña del volcán se incendio
En su habitación
Y recién contó
Del pasado del dolor que atormentan
A su mente y al espíritu creador
En la imaginación no estás sola
Vas a hacer erupción
Y a acabar con todo
La tierra se pudrió
Las hojas de su cuarto cambiaron de estación
Nubes de rencor
Qué dejaban su ilusión y en mi mente destrucción
Fue una cruel reparación
Se conduce en espiral
De la lava del volcán que esta a punto de estallar
Linda Dora donde estás
No te vayas a quemar
Qué la niña del volcán se asusto
Vas a hacer erupción


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  1. It is not even 3d sound it is just 1d sound from left to right wich is one dimension if you want to reach 2 dimensions you have to do sound to go forward and back but if you want to reach 3 dimensions the sound have to go up and down

  2. Hey 8d tunes🥺
    It would really make me very happy if you would turn level of concern by tøp into a 8d audio.
    ngl it would be so awesome!
    btw thanks for all the work and such masterpieces you've made even better than it already was🥴

  3. rough translation from google translate, enjoy.

    Aurora said volcano girl fires

    In your room

    And he just counted

    From the past of the pain they torment

    To his mind and the creative spirit

    In the imagination you're not alone

    You're going to erupt

    And to put an end to it all

    The earth rotted

    The leaves in his room changed season

    Clouds of spite

    What they left their illusion and in my mind destruction

    It was a cruel reparation

    You drive in a spiral

    From the lava of the volcano that is about to burst

    Linda Dora where you are

    Don't burn yourself

    What the girl from the volcano was frightened

    You're going to erupt


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