Seeing a Ghost in my room! (Ghost Detecting iPhone App)


This week I’m testing out some scary ghost hunting iPhone apps and get some very weird results!! This is why I don’t mess with paranormal activity!
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  1. The only news about a girls death on June 26, 2016 (8 months before this vid was posted) was about Michael McCarthy being convicted of murder…

  2. When u see her turn the phone, the ghost turns as well… if real it would still stand straight…….. hope she gets possessed just by having that voice….

  3. These apps might be fake the ghost might not actually be there in reality.If you gotta dog then she or he’s your ghost detector lol.Because I think animals can see ghosts,well some can.

  4. Hey Gabriella it's been a while, I'm just popping in to check how you're doing and stuff 💜 xx


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