Sony's Road to PS5 announcement in 10 minutes


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  1. Amazing improvements and will certainly give developers a bigger pallet for expressive content.
    I think people have been hoping for additional HW like a toaster or hand warmers for those cold mornings, yet this all made big sense to me, the advantages are clear and awesome. I personally put sound as being very high on my list of wants and can’t wait to experience it. Yet given that it sounds right, you might not then notice the advantages so easily. I use an external SSD today with my PS4 as the unit only holds so many games, it works seamlessly and all new games are stored and run from it without problems.
    I guess the ray tracing is going to be the most visually attractive addition. I remember using the technique to render out one image from a 3D program 15 years ago and it took a whole weekend to finish one image! Times are changing.

  2. So boring. Ps5 and xbox series x announcement are so boring, im contemplating buying a gaming laptop right about now and getting it over with. How long do you expect gamers to wait?

  3. How can this be so bad?
    This guy has 0 charisma, he's probably a great wizard but needs to re-roll bard and get some charm spells. Microsoft are gonna do well against this Sony drivel.
    Microsoft let All the review nerds take the Series X home and take the whole console apart an review its internals, that's how you make hype/excitement and give nerds massive erections…

  4. Everyone is fighting for the specs of Xbox and PS5, they act like consoles are like PC, these uneducated bunch of fanboi, I buy console because of games not because of specs unlike PC which has daily use, if its just 3~10% faster than the other, its still not worth it, the worth comes from games not the hardware, if it would save me time in loading screen then SSD are the only correct answer.

  5. So they're trying to tell us they can spend the time and money on all this super fancy shit but they can't even make it all-gen backwards compatible?! Fuck these guys. I wish I had bought an xbox 360 instead of a PS3 all those years ago so I could still enjoy my old favorites on the latest system

  6. The presenter may be the creepiest human I've ever seen. It wouldn't surprise me if it's really a CGI character. There is some serious uncanny valley going on.


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