Supernova Alliance Strikes Back + Traitor Revealed! One Piece 974 Manga Chapter Review


In One Piece Chapter 974, Kurozumi Kanjuro is Revealed to be the Traitor that fed Kaido & Orochi information about Oden & The Alliance! But just when all seems lost, Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law & Eustass Kid all Show up at sea to strike Kaido’s Ships!

Luffy, Law & Kid Supernova Alliance!
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  1. I've been following you for 7 years now and its become habitual to consult you right after reading a manga chapter (Shingeki, Naruto & One Piece). In the vast universe that One Piece entails, you can easily get lost in it, and it becomes kinda hard to connect plot dots, but Sawyer man… YOU are the MAN when it comes to linking past O.P. details with the current story line. Just wanted to sare some love to you and your channel and tell you that Naruto (second favorite manga followed by One Piece) would have NEVER been as awesome without your reviews. In terms of One Piece manga, I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon it during a very long night shift at a hotel I used to work at (10 years ago) and on top of that, going back to you and your channel for your reviews. I gotta say though, my favorite "Saywer" quote is your Christa "YAMIRUUUUU" scream.

  2. The cost luffy was wearing reminds me of yup you just said it as I was typing ROGER ODA DID THAT ON PURPOSE TO SIGNIFY HES NEAR PIRATE KING LEVEL

  3. Yea it was roger piece for awhile just like naruto turned into sasuke shippuden glad we are back


    You should get a new source. The new chapter is already out.

  5. Hey you also see that sinobu replaced with kanjuro. It means there is no sinobu at that time. Does kanjuro kill sinobu????

  6. I feel like Kanjuro took Yasui spiky hair and made some kind of special paint brush that doubles as a stabbing weapon and he's gonna use it against the standards.

  7. I feel like kanjuro being a great painter is gonna change the game excited to see what he can actually do. But also I hope something happens where Orochi can't pay Kaido, and maybe all this time Kaido's been looking to rule Wano himself. So he just wacks Orochi in the face with his club and kills him.

  8. 🔥Gekko Moria will bring Chad Oden back to life in this arc. I'm not sure who is going to fight him but it could be Zoro. 🔥

  9. If you EVER thought the traitor would be Raizo, you reading two piece.

    If you by God thought it would be Carrot, you reading Three Piece.

    You just HAVE to have low IQ, story understanding to think it was one of these people.
    There were so many hints it was Kanjuro.

  10. Sawyer I've been watching you for years and I was wondering if you read Webtoons? When Tower of God anime comes out would you ever do a review on it. I know rarely do anime reviews but just would be awesome to see your take on it. Either the anime or the Webtoon would be awesome!

  11. ngl as soon as I saw the dark blob I knew it was Kanjuro. I mean he does actually reference how he doesn’t know who he is. maybe the devil fruit took away a solid image. or at least it wasa blob messenger

  12. Not gonna lie Kanjuro crossed my mind several chapter reactions ago and the faking the art or lack of skill when it came to his drawings was one of the key components which allowed me to be like yooo that would be crazy and make sense at the same time if this dude was the Snitch… But I chose to keep my mouth shut cause I felt like if That theory got too much attention Oda would of fucked up his story


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