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  1. I will never understand why I remember saying this but when I watched this in 6th grade with my neighborhood friends all that came out of my gay ass mouth was”Fuck me” after the video was over. I just will never forget how my friends stared at me😭😭

  2. This is the first ever true love I'm experiencing in k pop industry .
    He loves her so purely, she's such a lucky girl. ♥♥♥

  3. Nhớ con zai!
    Hn tròn 1 tháng con đi.
    Nghe lại buồn hơn.
    Tạm biệt cz của mẹ!
    Yên nghỉ con yêu nhé!

  4. He just done so much efforts to make this song and it is copied by an indian song zaalima
    Zaalima even copied lyrics that's not fair
    I am an indian but still i am against it
    I love eyes,nose and lips so much💕💕💞💞💞💕💕

  5. … recién escucho esta canción en el 2020 y pues de BIG BANG solo habia escuchado Bang Bang Bang, y simplemente acabo de caer enamorado a la voz de este chico, solo quería saber mas de él para un libro de Wattpad, y ahora estoy totalmente hechizada por su voz, hermosa de verdad 😭❤

  6. YG:Então Taeyang temos um figurino muito bonitinho,branco e vermelho um cenário amarelo,sabe?topster.

    Taeyang:Querido eu sou Taeyang,acha mesmo que vou usar isso?me recuso a usar camisa.



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